0Goldfish may seem like an unusual choice for a fish tattoo, but they are actually quite common in fish tattoos for girls. 1One of the easiest ways to advertise a fishing hobby with pride is to get a rainbow trout tattooed on your arm.
0When it comes to fish tattoo designs, the fish can either be inked to appear cartoonish or realistic, depending on the meaning of the ink and the preference of the wearer. 0Some people opt for fish tattoo designs that are large, loud and colorful, while others choose more discreet or subtle designs for their fish tattoos. 0This person has a small discus fish inked in black and white on their chest, and the fish tattoo design is pretty simple and plain. 0For the most part, fish tattoo designs don’t differentiate between a male or female fish.
0Gold fish tattoos are popular tattoo designs for girls, and this girl got a trail of three medium-sized goldfish inked across her back. 0The carp may not be a very attractive fish in real life, but that doesn’t mean a carp can’t make a beautiful fish tattoo!
0While some people opt for simple gold fish tattoos or angel fish tattoos, other people incorporate more unique designs into their fish tattoos.

0Skeleton fish are commonly used in cartoons and other animated shows and movies, and because of this, the skeleton fish image is typically associated with comedy and humor.
0The carp is definitely one of the less attractive fish out there, and this girl really embraced that fact in her gigantic back carp tattoo. 0Fish tattoos are popular tattoo designs for girls, and this girl chose to get a huge gold fish tattoo inked on the top of her thigh.
2Angel fish make for great fish design tattoos because of their interesting shape and beautiful colors.
0Fish make great tattoo designs because they can mean a variety of different things depending on the kind of fish used and the tattoo design as well. 0Carp are kind of weird looking fish to begin with and this person really amped up their fish tattoo design to make the carp look even more crazy. 0While some fish tattoos are very colorful and incorporate complicated designs, this person’s fish tattoo is incredibly simple and is therefore quite unique and attractive.
0Betta fish aren’t commonly found in tattoo designs, but the colorful fish do make for pretty images in tattoos.
This girly fish tattoo features two large goldfish inked on this girl’s back and the back of her right shoulder.

This person’s arm tattoo, however, features a large beta fish that is obviously a female. This girl got a large beta fish tattoo inked on the outside of her right thigh, and the fish extends from near her hip almost to her knee. This girl got a clown fish tattoo that is similar to the much-loved Nemo and Marlin characters in the animated Disney movie. This person has a gigantic fish tattoo inked on their body and the tat features a very scary looking angler fish inked in black and white.
This person has a beta fish tattoo inked on their body, and the fish itself is inked in bright blue, red and green.

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