Traditionally labeled as an accent flower, wax flower has enough potential to stand on its own.
One of the best ways to use wax flower is to incorporate it throughout your entire wedding. If you are feeling even more adventurous, you can also use wax flower to spruce up your man’s beard!
Delicate with a lemony fresh scent, these long lasting blooms symbolize patience and lasting love. If you can’t afford a crown decked out in peonies and garden roses, consider a more affordable solution using wax flower. Instead of packing in traditional spotlight flowers such as roses, dahlias, and peonies, mix in some wax flower to fill in the spaces and add some dimension to the look — the spotlight flowers will stand out even more if you give them more space to shine! If you are DIYing your own centerpieces and want a simple look that will be easy to tackle, consider one of these simple centerpiece ideas. One stem of wax flower can be used to construct a ring corsage, which is a great alternative for mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom corsages.
Wrap each layer in a band of beautiful wax flower or ask your baker to design a cascade down one side.

Or not, your choice, but it does look cool and will leave your man smelling fresh and heavenly! This time we choose tulips beautifully arranged in burlap wrapped mason jars as a gorgeous centerpiece for your table. Although the occasion that inspired this project was kids starting school after summer brake, we think this cute arrangement can be used as a decoration in kids room or even in your office. All you need is to make a couple of bouquets with silk or with fresh flowers, fill a mason jar with water, put in the bouquets and tie some raffia around the mason jar.
Arizona Flower Market is happy to work with farms in Australia to carry some of the largest wax blooms. Because they are so simple, wax flower crowns will complement any wedding gown and bouquet style and will never overpower your beautiful glowing face! Wax flower is available in white, pink, lavender, and yellow, so there are plenty of colors to blend with your dream bouquet! You can mix the wax flower with a few small blooms to add a little variety (tulips are a great idea since they are also easy to work with and easy to arrange with the wax flower), or you can allow the wax flower to stand on its own.
They are so easy to make – just wrap the jars with burlap and tie a yellow ribbon then fill with colorful tulips.

Just get a smaller vase, put it in a bigger mason jar, fill the mason jars with plastic letter, fill the glass with  water and add flowers.
Using the wax flower alone is a beautiful idea for rustic or outdoorsy-themed weddings, especially if you use mason jars or an eclectic array of antique vases.
The bright sprig of flowers will make your tables look ever so elegant and provide a fresh palate cleansing smell before dinner.
To keep things as natural as possible, and to skip spending money on expensive vases, we recommend using mason jars as flower vases. Now pour about an inch of mod podge, add 2 tbsp glitter and turn the jar until it is well covered with glitter. If you are lucky enough to have some in your garden or balcony use them, if not buy some spring flowers from your local market.
You can use this arrangements for a wedding reception, bridal shower or simply as a nice decoration for your home.

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