Hickory Designer had the privilege of furnishing and decorating this beautiful home in Kannapolis, NC for its new owners. The new owners used Hickory Designer shopping services to meet the needs of their design project.
New custom window treatments and bedding were designed and installed to accent the beds and two story windows. We had a meeting with our wedding coordinator at our venue a few weeks ago and amongst other things, we discussed how our tables would look! So, to show her the sort of thing we would like in the middle of the tables, I grabbed a few pictures from the Internet as inspiration. Anyway, this first one I like, but I dont really think the colours of the flowers or the underwater feel will work with our tables, but it really reminds me of a hotel display that we saw in Scotland that looked beautiful!

Now, whilst clean lines and segregation are great in certain situations, our wedding probably isn’t the best one for that! Nestled in a private neighborhood with a mature landscape, this stone built home is a families paradise. After we consulted with the client to discuss their preferred styles and furniture functions for the home, we took our client shopping for all new furniture for the master bedroom, living room room, keeping room, kitchen and theater room. Accessories, wall art and floral arrangements were selected, designed and installed to add the finishing touch to all the rooms in this stunning home. While I was there and the dining room was empty before dinner started, I snapped a quick picture to show you what the tables will look ┬álike at night!
I talked to Mr Teaspoon about it, and he thinks that all the pictures look the same… Boys.

This one appeals to my simplistic nature; it’s very clean and separated, just like the aeroplane food that I love so much!
We also probably won’t be placing ours on round mirrors, but they will match my bouquet and the boys’ flowers perfectly!

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