London florists at same day flower delivery company Flowers24Hours are aware of how important it is to create a bright and engaging environment to work in.
The London florist and flower delivery shop has put together a wide range of bouquets and displays made from the most iconic, unique and bright flowers out there at the moment in order to really bring back a bit of life into the working day.
It is important to consider the area that the flowers will be placed within which is why these corporate flowers have been designed in a range of different vases and arrangements so that there will be something for every desk space. The Snow in Summer piece holds a beautiful head of white hydrangea inside a stunning clear glass fishbowl design.
Exotic flowers can also prove to be an interesting addition to the office and the Birds of Paradise flower arrangement has a warm orange glow to it which will warm up any room. However if the office would prefer to have a more permanent addition then it would be worth exploring the flower delivery shops website for the cacti collection. As online florist Flowers24Hours offers the option for flowers delivered in London that are ordered prior to 5pm to be delivered on the same day, the company is ideal when it comes to supplying corporate flowers delivery. Flowers24hours’s sister company Todich Floral Design is a top London florist specialising in hotel flowers, business flowers, restaurant flowers and office arrangements in London. It’s been revealed office plants and flowers improve mood and creativity, and helps lower stress and anxiety. As one of the top UK florists ad floral stylists, the company offer their clients a free consultation, one week’s trial and installation service and optional weekly maintenance; personalised floral designs tailored to a corporate identity or event, first-class customer service, a wide selection of vases and containers to lots of different office styles, venues and sets. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. When you’re choosing which flowers to deliver to your home or to a loved one, chances are you won’t be looking for carnivorous flowers from your UK florist!
When you send flowers to UK we recommend you choose beautiful, sweet smelling blooms from flower delivery service London Flowers24Hours.
Discovered in the Philippines in 2007, Attenborough’s pitcher plant (named after the famous naturalist Sir David Attenborough) is a carnivorous plant with bell-shaped flowers that collect water to trap animals for it to eat. There are thousands of species of orchids and they come in endlessly fascinating forms, many which are available for online flower delivery in UK. The titan arum gives off a pungent odour of rotting flesh in order to attract insects to pollinate it, thus earning the alternative name ‘corpse flower’.

Other flowers that give off the smell of carrion are the dead horse arum lily, the pelican flower and the largest flower on Earth: the rafflesia, which can grow up to 3 feet across and weigh up to 15 pounds.
Written by Ellie  Follow Flowers24Hours’s board Flowers that Have Inspired Writers Throughout the Ages on Pinterest. An elaborate union of stargazer lilies and lisianthus are intricately woven to create this decorative work. Say forever with this endearing collection of lilies, carnations and roses beautifully arranged. Bring your flower garden indoors with this lavish display of tulips, iris, snapdragons, & lilies.
All plants, flowers and containers subject to change due to availability during different seasons. Alaric Flower Design is a full-service floral design studio that has successfully served the greater New York area since 2006. The florists at the flower delivery shop know that sometimes offices can be a bit dull, which is why they have come up with a selection of bright and unique flower arrangements to help keep spirits up within the office environment. Designed by our head florist, this stiking display of tropical flowers is available for flower delivery in London and the UK. The florists at the flower delivery shop know that sometimes offices can be a bit dull which is why they have come up with a selection of bright and unique flower arrangements to help keep spirits up within the office environment. The white choice of colour means that these flowers will work well within any decor and the fishbowl shape of the vase means that they are still stylish and yet small and simple enough to work well within an office environment. The cacti prove to be popular amongst both men and women, so they are ideal for the working environment and as they require so little maintenance there really is no need to stress about having to look after them for longer than a bouquet of flowers. To view the entire flower arrangement collection from the flower delivery shop, visit florist website Flowers24Hours and the London florists will ensure that the flowers are delivered fresh and on time to the office so that the employees can start their day feeling refreshed by the new additions to their work space. Their skilfully trained members of staff have more than 15 years’ experience creating exceptional bespoke designs for office flowers and plants and will work closely with their clients to come up with the perfect arrangement or display for an office or workplace.
As well as these amazing fantastic benefits for employees, they also make a delightful addition to the front desk for the clients and visitors. They have a wonderful range of flowers for gifts and offer same day flower delivery in London.

While the main diet of the plant is insects, in 2012 the digested skeleton of a shrew was found in one of the flowers, hence its reputation as a ‘rat-catching’ plant.
There can look like red lips, a monkey’s face and even naked men, so you can guess how the bumblebee orchid gets it’s name.
It can grow over 3 metres heigh and though it can take ten years to bloom, it will only be in bloom for a day. These oval-shaped green plants are less than 2mm long, have no roots and float on the surface of the water. We'll add more goodies that compliment the theme and style of the item you see on the website, plus a more impressive basket. The cacti collections available to buy online at Flowers24Hours are also carefully picked by top UK florists and as a result of this the arrangements contain a vast variety of different cacti which makes them even more interesting to look at. But if you’re interested in the bizarre flowers around the world, read on to find out about the strange plants you won’t find at an online flower shop.
By mimicking the look and scent of female bees, the orchid attracts male bees that try to mate with the flower. It’s related to the calla lily which bears some resemblance to it’s shape but fortunately doesn’t have the corpse flower’s distinctive smell! Take a look at these calla lilies available for same day flower delivery and international flower delivery.
These little flowers aren’t the best choice for a bouquet, so to order flowers in London we recommend you take a look at the bountiful blooms UK florist Flowers24Hours have on offer! Choose from our classic, deluxe or premium.Container and flower selection will vary depending upon seasonal availability.

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