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Tattoos that bring with them a traditional and modern flavor look great and exclusive from every angle. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Sexy Tattoos For Women, Leg Tattoos For Men, Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women and Foot Tattoos For Women.
Carved on the side; this tribal flower tattoo has got a very sober look which the girl got as a memorial for her trip to Hawaii.
The curvilinear vine and the flower together bring out a beautiful tattoo piece on the foot of the girl. Symbol of female sexuality and beauty; this lower back tribal flower tattoo created with red cherry blossom creates a sexy portrait.
The eye-catching, bright flowers carved along with a unique tribal pattern create an exclusive tattoo piece. Colorful small tribal flowers tucked onto the artistic dark vine present a lovely tattoo piece that is full of feminine grace and beauty.
Tattoo created on the arm displays two blue flowers and a red one that represent the sons and daughter of the wearer. Sweet tribal flower tattoo covering the foot and ankle that also carries the names of the children of the wearer.
Feminine, cute and sexy; all at once, the lily tattoo symbolizes the long-lasting friendship and the union of the wearer and her boyfriend. Done by the husband on the wife’s leg, this tribal flower tattoo looks very graceful and stands for their blooming married life.
Large tattoo created with red cherry blossom flowers looks super stunning and stands for the beauty of life that is transitory in nature.

The girl has got two large, black and gray tribal flowers on her hip that stand for her lover and her own self.
The curvy back of the woman looks more alluring as it is graced by two lotus flowers and a tribal symbols. Vibrant and blooming, purple and pink, hibiscus flower that is also the national flower of Hawaiian island looks very captivating. Carved on the side, this pair of blue and pink tribal flowers has got a very delicate charm that stands for the love life of the girl. The flowers and the butterflies, sitting on the lower back, symbolize the woman’s attachment to her children.
The long and bright trail of stars topped by a flower looks classic and symbolizes the glittering life journey of the girl as a model. Check out the neat look and the sweet color combination of pink and green that graces this tribal flower tattoo. Ornamental tattoo piece created by getting a flower tucked onto the tribal design encircling the ankle.
Music loving girl gives expression to her passion through an upper back tattoo that has a beautiful flower and the treble clef symbol entwined together. Majestic and magnetic; the tribal flower tattoo, etched on the leg of the girl symbolizes her warm and charming personality.
The pair of big and blooming purple flowers surrounded by stars looks very exquisite and stands for the beautiful married life of the wearer. Covering the upper back and the shoulder; this distinct looking tribal flower tattoo represents the bliss of freedom. Created with an upward climbing posture, this tribal flower tattoo is symbolic of the wearer’s desire to reach higher up in her career ladder.

Have a look at this admirable tribal flower tattoo that sits on the foot of the girl, framed by leaves and vines on all sides.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
The most popular tattoo spots for girls and woman are the lower back, wrists, shoulders, chest and feet. The tribal flower tattoos are also a tattoo genre that brings the best of both worlds through its various charming displays. The most popular tattoo designs for women include butterfly, tribal, star, flower, and fairy tattoos. These tattoos combine the exotic flowers ranging from the lily to the lotus with tribal pattern to create unique, nice looking designs. Women love to wear such tattoos on their different body parts which also hold symbolic meaning according to the nature of the flower. One can also combine names of dear ones such as husband, sons or daughters to make the tattoo more meaningful and memorable. Most of these flowers are from the exotic island Hawaii and the place is popular for gifting its tourists tattoos of tribal flowers. It features 25 images with different types of tattoos having the tribal flowers as the backdrop.

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