This elegant floral arrangement was created using a tall, silver centerpiece holder and arranging the flowers in a silver dish.
Remember wedding flower ideas can be as simple or elaborate as your imagination and budget permits.
Hydrangea wedding flowers are quite popular among brides. Undeniably, hydrangeas make the perfect wedding flower. You should choose a cool wedding centerpiece with wedding cards for your table according to your wedding theme.

The cool wedding centerpieces with your themed wedding cards will offer an amazing feeling to your guests and leave them a long term memory of your wedding day. Once you pick the right wedding theme you want, you should choose your wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding invitations and cards, wedding cakes, flowers and so on. If your wedding is in spring, summer or autumn, it will be much easier to plan the wedding centerpieces with colorful flowers and leaves. Except all this stuffs, there is one important thing to be considered carefully, wedding centerpieces.

The stems are left exposed to give a natural look. White and green hydrangeas in this fresh looking bouquet. Liked the bouquets above?

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