You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Women go through plenty surgical procedures, some of them are necessary while others are optional. Many women, marked with a c-section scar can become very self-conscious especially when they need to wear a bathing suit. Tummy tucks are procedures wherein the extra skin and fat is removed to create a smother and firmer tummy. The abdominal area of a woman is always a focus point, when it is scarred it results in inhibition, using an incredibly breath-taking design such as this outlines the hips gracefully and covers up the scar completely. The curvy design with two lotus flowers and rose buds is ultra feminine and transmits femininity, love and beauty. The scar of a tummy tuck can be too obvious and unsightly; covering it up with a colorful bouquet of exotic flowers you would have no way to guess a scar was there on the first place! The colors used in this cover up tattoo bring out the best of the wearer’s skin color while paying homage to life and beauty. Last year on a dirty mattress on the floor of a strangera€™s flat in Gloucester, a 14-year-old girl was scarred for life by an unlicensed tattooist. As the Mail reported on Saturday, her mother is understandably disgusted the tattooist escaped with a A?40 fine.
Perhaps the most telling thing about the posted pictures of her bottom, wearing only a pink G-string, is that her body is beheaded. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The most common types of surgeries that leave scars in the abdominal area are c-sections and tummy tucks.C-sections have increased over the last decades to a point where it is preferred over vaginal deliveries. Using a tattoo to cover up the scar has the power to transform the scar into a piece of art that celebrates birth, life and femininity.
The huge red and black roses she has had tattooed on her lower back and bottom are as big as each of her buttocks.

Stomach tattoo designs for girls are tiny and pretty drawings such as dolphins, angels, stars, butterflies, flower tattoos, vine tattoos, etc., which give a cute, innocent and beautiful look. During a c-section one or more incisions are made through the mother’s abdomen and uterus in order to deliver one or more babies. This procedure however can leave a visible and deep scar from side to side across the lower abdomen. Flower tattoos  are another of the popular stomach tattoo designs for women, and can be done on the lower stomach or just above the pelvic bone. The tattooist bought the kit online and despite having no experience of tattooing, made a crude attempt at a drawing on the teenagera€™s stomach.It was meant to depict a set of rosary beads with the letter a€?Ja€™ underneath, but it looked like a Nazi cross with birthday balloons rising from it and the a€?Ja€™ was so badly executed it was little more than a squiggle. Personally Ia€™ve never really concerned myself with other peoplea€™s body parts!a€™ she wrote.She partly revealed the tattoo in February, at a Girls Aloud concert, but until now she hadna€™t unveiled the full horrible extent of it.Why doesna€™t she try writing decent pop songs, to express herself rather than defiling her once exquisite body? Because bottoms, like pop careers, sag with age.By the time Cheryl hits 50, her derriere will have dropped and wrinkled. However, most women just prefer to have either a flower or a butterfly as a stomach tattoo, and these remain the most popular of stomach tattoos for women. Women believe that tattoos on the sensitive parts make them look sexy and help them attract the man they want. The teenager had no idea whether the needles tattooist Ross Richardson used were even sterilised. The now taut butt that bears the blossoming roses will look like a rotting patch of cabbages on an abandoned Newcastle allotment in 20 yearsa€™ time. However, tattoo experts suggest that there should not be any barrier of man or women likes and dislikes while crafting a tattoo on your body. Cheryla€™s other tattoos a€” by some accounts she has had 19 a€” were bad enough, but in comparison fairly discreet. Though they do not deny the fact that men like tattoos on women body, they suggest women to follow few guidelines to look more appealing. This is nothing short of self-mutilation.Her millions of Twitter followers responded mostly with astonishment and disgust in equal measure.

But the result of her latest Technicolor self-harm is that everyone is talking about Cheryl Cole.After a few career setbacks, no one has been discussing her for a while. Now shea€™s the centre of attention which, no doubt, was her aim.But what a way to go about it. So you need expert consulting to choose a perfect design of the tattoo that would look sexy on you. The real tragedy here is that Cheryl, at 30, is already an international pop and TV star, and a millionairess. If you really want the tattoo look sexy on your body, you need to select the body part that looks the sexiest. So why does a girl who has everything a€” beauty, success, celebrity, a new boyfriend a€” resort to self-harm, even if it is in the name of a€?arta€™?The tattoo was done in LA by celebrity tattooist Nikko Hurtado. You may select the seductive parts of the body such as the back, the curves, the beautiful skin and dimples to design tattoos on them. It cost A?4,000, took 15 excruciating hours to execute and six months for the wounds to heal before she was happy to reveal it to the world.
You can use them as your canvas to create any tattoo preferably some flowers, Japanese cherry blossoms, waves or even a poem.
These parts can be easily covered and made more private.If you are having a tight stomach, then you should not give a second though to get a beautiful tiny tattoo there. The tattoo looks more appealing on the stomach.While crafting a tattoo you should always remember that the tattoo should not be huge in size as it does not gain enough attention. If the tattoo is small in size and perfectly placed on the body of the women, it gets enough attention and it attracts a lot of eyes.
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