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A selection of our favourite custom ink projects, which give you a flavour of our inky style of work.
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Featuring sacred geometry (Tree and flower of life) platonic solids, fibonacci spiral & all seeing eye.

You may also like to read some of my previous posts discussing the meaning of sacred geometry symbols. TATTOOS IDEAS Provides complete information and picture of tattoos Ideas, tattoos designs, body tattoos, sleeve tattoos, back tattoos, chest tattoos, arm tattoos, foot tattoos, shoulder tattoos, lip tattoos, wrist tattoos, hand tattoos, breast tattoos, Tattoo for men and women.
Press on the button below to be taken to our earlier blog, which has lots more inky things to see. While the tradition of the Lotus flower is Asian (Japan and China especially) it has become very popular in the west too.

Here are 20 of our favorite Lotus flower tattoos!Click an image below to see the entire gallery. When image loads, click or slide (for mobile users) to view next imageShaded Lotus FlowerThe first shaded piece on our top 20 Lotus flowers list and well worthy of its position!

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