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Floral or flowers, sometimes referred as a bloom or blossom, represents the reproductive part of a flowering plant. Like-wise, tattooing a floral design or flash onto your body may signify your beliefs in a  a continuous and productive spirit of your life. Whereas women may opt for the large water-painted floral art designs, men tend to include a single or small to medium size floral designs to complement any other sleeve tattoo themes they already or wish to have.

It is not uncommon nowadays on a hot summer day, to see a woman with a large portion of their arms inked with floral designs or some sort of unified floral theme tattoos. If you would want to have a floral sleeve tattoo you might make sure to do some research on the type of flowers you want to ink with, as different flowers may present different meanings. Some examples of a flowery tattoo include flowers with a tropical style, blossoms only in autumn or winter, or exotic East Asian flowers.
Lotus, roses, orchids, jasmines, and sunflowers are also some common and popular floral sleeve tattoo choices.

We hope that the below floral sleeve tattoos will bring some inspiration and ideas for everyone.

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