Wow,the botanical names of these flowers long, so ita€™s better I use the common English name to address them. Botanical Name Combined with Malay LanguageHymenocaulis caribaea is known as spider lily in English and Russelia equisetiformis is combined with a Malay word which can mean rubber balloon or bamboo canon, a kind of childrena€™s game. Here’s a handy little follow on from my last blog where I suggested spotting a few hybrid aloes about your garden for a lovely splash of winter colour. Flame vine is the perfect name, because when it’s in bloom, the plant comes alive with a fiery hue of bright orange. One of the best examples of this plant I’ve seen (pictured) borders a large property in the rolling hills of northern NSW where I live. Even without the blooms, the foliage of this creeper forms a dense curtain making the plant ideal for parts of the garden where you need to create some privacy or screen out an unwanted view. It’s easy to grow, and best suited to warm coastal areas where you can provide a sunny spot with protection from cold winds and frost.

If you’ve got a place for a bright and colourful creeperlike this in your garden, just keep in mind, the mass of foliage can get quite weighty, especially when there is rain about, so your support needs to be strong.
OK, so I’m sure you’re wondering… a plant that displays such vigour and resilience must fit into the category of ‘potentially uncontrollable’. So there you go… that’s the orange trumpet creeper or Brazilian flame vine – a welcome and colourful addition to the winter garden if you’ve got a sturdy support.
If you dare battle the inferno to take a closer look at the individual flowers, you’ll see the small yet bold orange trumpet-like blooms that smother the vine. Any solid fence is ideal, particularly steel mesh types which provide the perfect frame and they will benefit greatly from a little softening plant life.
Well, believe it or not, it’s actually one of the more civilised creepers getting about… and certainly not rampant in the same way a bougainvillea or wisteria can be. This week I’m asking you to take look at a rather bright if not slightly gaudy winter flowering vine.

Like it or not, it does create an unforgettable show, and the plant itself has certainly proven its value in its ability to cover what would otherwise be just another boring fence. It’s the orange trumpet creeper or Brazilian flame vine or, if you like to get botanical, Pyrostegia venusta. I’ve also seen the plant used to great effect creeping over and brightening up an old shed, carport and even a rusty old tank stand.
All it needs is a little encouragement early on to lead the vine in the desired direction and then let it do its thing.

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