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Choosing a tattoo that reflects who and what you are and what you want to say is a enjoyable journey that has a really rewarding result. Dragonflies tattoos have great texture, are quirky, and express a connection with the earth and the local environment.
Floral tattoos are really popular as they are beautiful and there is virtually no limit to the creativity for the tattoo artist.

If you want some ink but want the freedom of hiding it, a tattoo underneath the foot can be a great option.
Various shades of Henna are procured by mixing its paste with the leaves and fruit of other plants, such as indigo, tea, coffee, cloves and lemon.
Varying designs have different meanings for members of each culture, such as good health, fertility, wisdom, protection and spiritual enlightenment. When used in decorative body art, sugar and oil are also added to the mixture to strengthen the color and longevity of design.

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