Audition CS6 has been so well received by reviewers and production professionals around the world, and you now have several options for buying it. The value proposition is even better when you consider some of the cool new apps that are exclusive to Creative Cloud, such as Adobe Muse, the new web design application, or Adobe Story Plus, which is otherwise only available on its own as a subscription. Audition users and production companies will benefit from flexible pricing, where you can add or remove seats, depending on your current workload.
Creative Cloud members will always have access to the most up-to-date software, and they get an integrated platform for their creative workflow.

And Lightroom, the popular digital photography workflow management application is included, too. You may also find the 20GB of included storage useful, for example if you are moving between an office and a home computer to work on a project.
If you already own Audition, Soundbooth, or Creative Suite,  we are currently offering special upgrade subscriptions to Creative Cloud for only only $29.99 a month.
The standard price of $49.99 per month is less than most cell phone plans or cable TV subscriptions.

With Creative Cloud, Adobe is building an awesome digital hub for integrating your tools and your workflow.

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