Walt Disney Script Font: This is one of the most thorough fonts created, including both regular, bold, and italic versions of the letters, as well as permutations (like italic bold).
Walt Disney at UrbanFonts: Created by Robert Johnson, this font fills in many of the parts that were left out of Callaghan's version.
The lettering in a Walt Disney font is very clear and precise - you would probably be able to get away with using it for almost any text. IM TRYING TO COPY THIS SO I CAN GET WRITING IM GETTING A TATTOO AND I WANT IT EXACT AND IM NOT HAVING ANY LUCK. Inspired by various logos, signs, and artworks Disney created himself, it "captures the spirit" of the man's writing.

While it doesn't have bold or italic variations, it does feature a full symbol set, along with diacritical marks like "e", as well as a few "special" symbols like a little pen-sketch of the mouse silhouette. Fonts have been used in the past (especially on Windows machines) to exploit weaknesses that can turn your computer into a spam machine, wipe out data, or even lead to identity theft. However, remember that this is iconographic handwriting - and wherever you use it, people are going to think about Walt Disney. As an added bonus, the creator, Justin Callaghan, also created a "logo dingbat which can be accessed by holding down "alt" and typing 0172 on the numeric keypad. However, compared to the other fonts, this one is less complete and somehow less polished than the other examples.

If that is not your intent, you are well advised to find an alternative, because everybody knows the Mouse when they see it.
Fontseek is not linked, though, because all of the links go off to some kind of Japanese website instead of actually to any fonts.
It is an example of someone trying to use people's desire for a nifty font as bait to send them to some useless site with no relevance to fonts at all.

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