There are fonts you use every day, then there are those priceless ones you only bust out for a special occasion. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Being such a versatile toy we found it pretty easy to think of ways to incorporate the little blocks into our DIY invitations. Take a look at some ideas and tutorials for making your own invitations as well as a free printable invitation that you can print for your party celebration.

This invitation is perfect for the child who loves Lego so much you find you have a million pieces in the toy box. Make a printable invite on your computer - Create an invitation on your computer word processing program with lego clipart.
Outlaw is one of those fonts you may only use once, but you’ll be happy you have it when you do. Lego toys have been around forever, my daughter cannot believe that I also used to play with lego when I was a child (oh so many years ago) Much to my surprise Lego is just as much a favored toy as it ever was and lego parties are in the top 20 party themes for kids.

You can use any type of bag you wish - we like the clear cellophane bags used for candy or the greeting card bags found in the card-making area of your craft store.
The author of the font, Billy Argel, is particularly good at creating grunge fonts – so be sure to check out his other fonts available on DaFont.

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