To create a font, go to File>New, select the letter for which you want to create font, and a workspace appears. You can begin creating a font by drawing a freehand shape, and later you can use various tools to modify it.
It has various tools to draw and edit font characters, like: pen, line, rectangle, ellipse etc. It has Conner curve, Straight curve, Smooth curve, and Off curve tools also for precisely editing nodes and curves.

It has various drawing tools, like: line, freehand, move canvas, move path, and various others. You can edit the shape of any character or letter by modifying its curves in the Glyph Editor.
You can preview the font by pressing Ctrl + T from keyboard or click "Font Preview" from View menu. There are various tools available to help you create a font, like: Add a hint, Add a point, Create module, Create contour, Create Include, Pick a point, etc.

While you are working with a font, you can also preview them on this Font creator software.
You can create simple, as well as complex font designs by increasing the size, and DPI of the work space.

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