Enjoy these free OpenType fonts along with our many other freebies and our Massive Letterpress Image Collection! Privacy & DisclosureThis site accepts forms of payment in exchange for our opinion in the form of affiliate links and sponsored content. I was looking for a how to on how to print chalkboard like posters after looking up chalkboard birthday invitations and i am so glad you posted this! If you are on a MAC you just need to drag the .ttf files into your FontBook (application) and it will ask if you want to install.
I want to use some chalkboard fonts on black paper for a display, I think I am missing something but how do I print these out? I use photoshop so I am able to skew the text by dragging the corners wherever I want them and applying text effects to bend them…etc.
Click on the links below to go to the site where you can then download the font to your computer.

The nice thing about downloading them to your computer – they will show up in all of your computer programs – Word, Photoshop, etc.
If you are new to downloading and installing fonts on your computer  – Here is a step-by-step to walk you through it.
There will be a main page where you can choose and click on what type of font you are looking for – Fancy, Script, Handwriting, Block , Gothic, etc. To check if it installed correctly, open up your Word processor and pull down the font box and search for the font.
Seriously though, I love spending time hunting out the latest and greatest cute fonts that I can use in the printables and other projects that I put together. You’ve got a few of my favourites on your list, and a few I can see becoming new favourites very soon. If you have any questions about our privacy and disclosure, feel free to read more about it here.

It is very easy – so easy you will find yourself downloading many.  I use Windows 7, if you have a different operating system, it may be slightly different.
I am going to download the font – Stitch It.  Click the download button on the right hand side of the page.
If you don’t see it, you may have to download it again.   If you had your word processor open when you downloaded you will have to close it and reopen to refresh.

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