Free photoshop handwriting fonts, Free photoshop downloads like brushes, patterns, styles, pictures fonts, shapes and lots more and all are free for any use.. I was playing around with fonts that appear to look like chalk & then it dawned on me I could even download dingbats to give the illusion of chalk artwork.
Do you struggle finding new fonts for your graphic or logo designs, or just for fun projects? FontSquirrel is one of the slickest, most polished and well-designed free font websites on the ‘net. Available in both English and French, DaFont boasts over an astounding 12,000 fonts, all available for free! Be sure to view the awesome and creative fonts like The Great Escape, Social Logos (based on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), Many Weatz, and the excellent Bleeding Cowboys.
The Internet has a plethora of font websites, but not exactly a large variety of free font websites.
You will find an impressive selection of free fonts, in both Open Type and True Type formats.

As a bonus, almost 3,000 of these fonts include Euro symbols and a little over 3,000 of them also include accent symbols.
It’s been around for sometime now and I have visited it often to find new fonts to try out. I tried to get the background but I think I’m missing something, It’s linking to your AMAZING chalkboard wall?
Also loved your post about Christmas gift ideas – I’m looking for some more cute ideas for a Christmas countdown calendar! While some designers may shy away from free fonts for aesthetic reasons, consider giving them a shot. However, the best part of FontSquirrel is seen right under their websites title, where it states “ 100% Free For Commercial Use.” The crew at FontSquirrel only lists fonts that the designers have specified are totally free to be used in commercial works, something that makes sorting through piles of different free fonts with different licensing rules much more simple. DaFont is definitely one of the biggest and most impressive free font collections online today! While not all the fonts are available for commercial use (be sure to also read the fine print on each font), DaFont is still a great resource when it comes to finding different font styles.

One of my favorite fonts available on FontSpace is the cool Roskrift, a sketchy, script-style font. There are plenty of high-quality, excellent fonts available for free through these websites and they are definitely worth checking out. They also offer a massive, licensed for commercial use, font pack available for only $19.99 with 10,000 different fonts in it. Note: Be sure to read the fine print of each font’s use and copyright rules beforehand! 1001FreeFonts is definitely one free font website graphic designers should visit when looking for new fonts to broaden their design horizons!

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