Create free printable word art for the classroom signage, projects, and word work in any colour, style and font – just follow a few simple steps. A high resolution image is needed so when printed, the images and the fonts are clear and crisp. Once you have your high resolution plain white image, open it in Picasa and begin creating with the basic font tool. For example, to create signage about the fall season, change the background to an autumnal colour.

Once you familiarize yourself with the tools, you can create any 8” x 10” word art you can imagine, in any colour you like, from signage to posters. Picasa is free, and it will import and recognize all of the fonts installed on your computer. To change the background, choose “Auto Color” under Basic Fixes and then choose “Tint” under Effects.
Picasa allows the user to increase or decrease the size of the font with one click and drag, and also tilt the words in any direction, whether it s diagonal or vertical.

If you want something larger than 8” x 10” , simply have your local print shop print the larger size. It is advised to size the vertical image to 2000 pixels by 2500 pixels for 8” x 10” printable art.

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