Can I link to the gallery from an external page specifying the category I want to be active? Hi, thanks a lot for your tutorial, I have a problem when using in pages’ with rtl direction, any solution???????
You can see the result that I’ve achived by combining this two jQuery plugins by clicking the preview button below. Creative gallery templates always come in handy when building websites for artists, bands, games, movies, hotels and all kind of advertising agencies.

You can use the jQuery gallery in your own projects, just download the package for having access to the files.
I can get the prettyphoto lightbox to work just fine, but in IE 8 the quicksand filter does not work at all.
The images have great hover effect that could display date, category, author or any other relevant information. The gallery is cross-browser compatible so it’ll be easy for you to adapt in your project.

Consider downloading this gallery website CSS template as it is a perfect way to showcase your creative works.
The Html, CSS and JS codes have been properly structured and commented, which means that you won’t encounter any difficulties when editing the website CSS template.

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