The Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit is the newest Nike Free silhouette that takes the original technology even further.
The concept of Nike Free was born in 2001, when insights from a legendary coach inspired designers to create footwear that mimicked the feel of barefoot training but incorporated important protection and support. As a result of the increased mobility, designers were forced to rethink the shoe’s stroble, the midsole-upper connector, which in its traditional form would impede the sole’s dynamism.
Check out detailed photos below and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further release updates as they develop.

The first expression of this study released in 2004 via a shoe with a siped outsole, comprised of deeply cut grooves that allowed the sole to flex freely and translate a barefoot-like feel to all surfaces.
Using heat, instead of glue, they fused two foams into one piece that still features an IU foam carrier and soft IP core but introduces more cushioning than past Nike Free models. So they took advantage of the pliable Flyknit upper, stretching it underfoot to create a holistic unit that works in harmony with the dynamic tooling and allows the Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit to deliver our most natural ride yet. Kanye West was currently checking out construction work at his and Kim’s brand new house.

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