For a sub-genre of MMOa€™s that hasna€™t been around all that long, there are an absolute slew of free to play MMOFPS, MMOTPS and multiplayer online shooter games on the market. The second venture of Electronic Arts in the free-to-play genre with the Battlefield name (after the cartoony Battlefield Heroes), Battlefield Play4Free is a more serious game.
After a warm critical reception, developer Hi-Rez Studio decided to drop the subscription on their jetpack-powered MMO shooter Global Agenda, and later opted for the addition of a free-to-play model.
Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA) offers up tons of awesome game modes, near-limitless customization, and some of the tightest shooting gameplay to be found online. APB spent just a few months as a retail product and was promptly shut downa€¦ but not forgotten. Ghost Recon Online, is Ubisoft’s Free-to-Play rendition of their popular third person, cover-based tactical series.
With the experience gained with Global Agenda, ita€™s hard to think of a better suited studio than Hi-Rez to work on the popular Tribes franchise. Valve stormed the market by unleashing Team Fortress 2 as a free-to-play game, offering what is undoubtedly one of the finest shooters ever for free.
Sony Online Entertainment was the first to bring the scale of war to the FPS genre with the original Planetside back in 2003 and now again in 2012 with none other then the sequel to Planetside, aptly named Planetside 2. This impressive list of free shooters stands to grow even larger throughout the year, and several new MMOFPS and MMOTPS games are in development. Planetside 2 is far superior, it can support large amounts of players in 3 large humongous maps! Planetside 2 definitely deserves the #1 spot, but continues to lack optimization for slightly weaker CPUs (as Planetside 2 is more dependent on the CPU than the GPU). That happens in the channel for beginners, because I never could get a match there, in the general channel takes 5 minutes at most. I think 95% of players have a very high ping, and the worst it’s that the developpers refuse to make chanels with ping limitation. I was wondering if i should delete blacklight and CA for planetside 2 since i don’t want them to lag.

Ita€™s not surprising really; this genre is like the perfect melding of two seemingly disparate things. Based mostly on the acclaimed Battlefield 2 game, this FPS offers 32-player battles in a Middle East setting. Ita€™s good looking and stable, thanks to the Unreal Engine powering its thirst for blood, and runs nearly lag free. GamersFirst acquired the rights for this MMO and after a revamp (including some features such as a new district and clan-based combat mechanics, among others) released it to an eager community. The shooter pits players as wannabe Batman vigilantes vs Joker thugs in zany, often over the top brawls.
The TPS features a heavy focus on cover mechanics with the ability to seek shelter behind various walls and objects, providing the player with decreased recoil and increased bullet protection.
Tribes: Ascend fully delivered on what fans were expecting of it, offering exciting and fast-paced FPS combat where jetpacks truly make a difference. This free-to-play FPS fixes some of the problems of the original title and adds some much needed quality to the genre. Ita€™s not just the brilliant cartoon visuals a€“ from which Battlefield Heroes was clearly inspired a€“ or the polished game mechanics, but also the humor that the charismatic characters bring to the matches. This unmatched open-world MMOFPS boasts the largest FPS battles currently available, with 2000 players spread across 3 factions in an all out war. Whether they can top any of the games on this list remains to be seen, but theya€™ll have their hands full. The relentless action and excitement of shooters, with the joy of social features and item collecting found in RPGa€™s.
Players choose between the United States and Russia sides and enter some exhilarating FPS action. APB Reloaded is one of a kind and the mix of third-person shooting and driving is a successful one.
Players can choose from a large assortment of homemade weapons and contraptions including Jack in the Box explosives, pipe bombs, inflatable bouncing shoes, marble machine guns, katanas and other non traditional weaponry.

Ghost Recon Online features three soldier classes each with their own unique weapon type and special ability, allowing players to work together as a tactical squad in order to complete objectives and gain the upper hand.
The vibrant colors help create a compelling world that is quickly filled with all kinds of weapon blasts that any player with a slight interest for sci-fi and experience in the genre (not mandatory but helpful) just has to enjoy. Among the distinctive features are the HRV (that lets you look through walls for partners and enemies) and the hardsuit, an hulking armor pretty much similar to a mech. If therea€™s a free shooter out there that everyone must play, that shooter is Team Fortress 2. Fans of vehicular warfare in games such as Battlefield, will enjoy similar ground and air combat, with Planetside 2 focusing heavily on air to air enagements and massive tank warfare.
With so many new entries out there, we figured wea€™d help you sort through them all with this list of the Top 10 Free Shooters to Play in 2013.
There are 16 vehicles to use in the game maps, such as helicopters, tanks and fighter jets, making things even more chaotic. Players can enjoy customizing the look of both their vigilante and villain with a wide range of costume unlocks, voice packs and unlockable perks which allow a player to tailor their character to fit a specific playstyle.
With great graphics, customizable weapons and fast and furious gameplay, Blacklight: Retribution is well worth seeking out by fans of rock-solid FPS games. As long as Valve keeps things balanced between the free and premium players, this is a game that has a fantastic lasting appeal.
Unlike most traditional lobby based shooters, Planetside 2 is completely open world, with battles waging across 3 distinctly unique continents, each around 64sqkm in size! Planetside 2 offers an unprecedented amount of depth for a shooter, with 6 unique classes players can independently level up, customize and switch to on the fly. APB Reloaded itA?s not a perfect game (well… no game is perfect, all of them have flaws) but GamersFirst has a blockbuster in their hands, a MMO game with many indisputable qualities.

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