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You are free to download these desktop wallpapers of Birthday Cakes Wallpapers  full hd wallapapers available in high resolution just for your laptop or desktop. Choose from one of our virtual birthday cake png and send it to someone celebrating another year today. It is quite common to see Christmas cakes covered with icing and decorated with little Christmas trees and small house models. The most popular Christmas theme cake is the Whisky Dundee, a traditional Scottish Christmas cake made with Scotch whisky. 2 of 9 2 of 9 Facebook PinterestTara Donne Bake a BarnyardStand frosted animal crackers on mounds of green-tinted coconut. The usage of raisins, sultanas, currants and cherries are extremely common in Christmas cake.

Then build a fence with pretzel sticks and icing to create this cool cake your little animal lover will adore.Win Baby Gear! If you are confused about the ‘look’ of your Christmas cake, have a look at the images below to get an idea. 3 of 9 3 of 9 Facebook PinterestTara Donne Eat Your WordsYou can be as creative as you like with this candy-covered cake. 4 of 9How to Decorate a Cake: Prep Your Cake For Decorating 4 of 9 Facebook PinterestFor professional-looking cakes, the key is in the prep.
See how easy it is to get your cake ready for decorating by leveling layers and adding a crumb coat.Win Baby Gear! 6 of 9 6 of 9 Facebook PinterestTara Donne Garden DelightTo cover this cake in flowers, lay iced cookies with a round candy in the center of each on top of the cake. Then, roll out green spice drops and cut into small leaves.Shop all birthday items in our store nowWin Baby Gear!

7 of 9Modern Art Cake 7 of 9 Facebook Pinterest Modern Art CakeAfter frosting this cake with white icing, divide an additional can of whipped vanilla frosting among five bowls and color each with icing color.
8 of 9 8 of 9 Facebook Pinterest Little Drummer CakesThese cute glazed drums start out as a sheet cake.
Check out the easy recipe for details on how to make them.Originally published in the May 2009 issue of Parents magazine.

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