Fairies are mythical creatures that appear in the folklores from almost all cultures and countries. The fairy godmothers from the stories of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty as well as the character of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan are some of the most favorite fairy characters from bedtime stories. Popular varieties of fairy coloring pages include those featuring characters like Tinkerbell and the Fairy Godmother.
Thank you just what i needed to take on an airoplane journey for a little girl aged 5 years old.

But, fairies are not always on the good side with evil characters like the old fairy from Sleeping Beauty trying to kill the princess exiting as well.
However, in some cultures all magical creatures, including gnomes and goblins, are referred to as fairies. Still, children love fairies like they love other mythical beings like mermaids and goblins because with these characters, they can travel to an unknown magical world where anything is possible.
They love fairy coloring pages for the same reasons as these coloring pages allow them to let loose their fantasy and fill the pages with the colors of their imagination.

Fairies often appear in bed-time stories, with their name giving rise to the term “fairy tales”, making them one of the best-loved mythical beings among kids. They have also appeared in many of the literary works by the great English author Shakespeare.

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