Back in the time I lived near Biarritz in France, my good buddy Sebastien Lopez came to spend some time in the south with me. I promised I would post more royalty free images at the beginning of the week, so, it?s Monday and here we are. Environmental themes are still gaining popularity in publishing, and if stock images like this one  are liked, I will provide more material of that kind. These bokeh textures are not Photoshop-created, but selects from out-of-focus areas of images taken with some really nice lenses (indeed, several were photographed extra for that purpose). Time to post again here, and as I found in my image library more dark backgrounds, here they are. Boletus, actually, absolutely delicious when fresh from the forest (and in most parts of the world rather rare Delicatessen). Dark backgrounds are always popular among graphic designers, and grunge textures can add some interesting patterns to website backgrounds, so here a set of royalty free images of this kind.

Note: No sharpening applied to these photos, as you may want to decide the necessary amount yourself. Some people seem to have wondered if they can download royalty free images for commercial use as well here, so I added such permission explicitly to the license conditions. You may download these stock photos as well for commercial use (I?d like to keep the restrictions as minimal as possible, after all that?s the idea behind royalty free, but if you somehow can, please do mention  or link to this site as the image source). We grant you a free royalty-free license to use these pictures on your websites and in designs, however copyright is not transferred.
And if you need more stock photos of rain or water, there are several further down this page posted earlier. We grant you a free royalty-free license to download and use these pictures on your websites, blogs and in designs, however copyright is not transferred. We’ve created music together and he tends to prefer ‘experimental’ sounds, a bit anti-commercial.

Most folks coming to this website are graphic designers and need to feed their projects – as a reminder, these are stock photos for commercial use, too, so don?t be afraid and download the images (just give credit or a link wherever you can).
While pleasant blur quietly makes much for the aesthetic quality of a stock photo, bokeh textures are really easy material to get some pretty backgrounds in all sorts of designs from, so I thought I give you a few here. Distribution or resale of the images themselves is not permitted, especially not through stock photo related sites. So my own solo music sometimes gets the ‘experimental’ bug and I end up adding lots of extreme noises.

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