Check out the cool snake tattoos presented here that are notable for their striking appearance. Although often associated with a sense of darkness, danger and allure, it can have many positive meanings as well and can be worn by both sexes. Snakes were considered as important, virtuous creatures in many cultures of ancient times, and have inspired countless myths, legends, stories, fables and folklores. The snake or the serpent is associated with sin, temptation and evil in Bible, who is ultimately held responsible for the fall of man.

However, the snake is also associated with wisdom, knowledge, fertility and healing as well as the qualities of patience, power and protectiveness. In occult and mystical knowledge, the snake Ouroboros is associated with regeneration and eternity.
Other attributes associated with snake tattoos include transformation, cycles of life, awareness and death. They can also be very colorful, and popular shades include red, black, yellow, green and orange.

A snake tattoo can sometimes be accompanied by the image of a skull, to give it a more gothic look.

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