Our team of photographers specializes in nature stock photography, stunning designs that capture the true essence of the West Coast landscape.
Years of living on the coast of beautiful British Columbia, we’ve traveled throughout Vancouver, Victoria, the islands, and everywhere in between. Our talented, well trained professionals have an eye for flare, and we encourage you to enjoy our free nature stock photography for your personal or business use. There are many advantages to using photography that is based on existing stock imagery, as opposed to commissioning your own. Photographs that are available as stock photography are often higher quality than other photos, too, as they are usually shot based on the photographers own guidelines: time, weather, location, et cetera. Photographers also prefer shooting stock photography over commissioned photography because they have more creative control over the images that they create. Because of these reasons, we feature free Nature Stock Photography for your use; simply, we love what we do, and want you to love it, as well. While photographers face stiff competition in the marketplace, the advent of high quality digital cameras, their reduction in price and the Internetsa€™ ability to drive down prices and source images from all over the world means the market has never been better for the image user.
There is currently so much choice and value available, microstock agencies (crowd sourced image libraries) aggregate quality images from around the world by professional and amateur photographers. As well as commercial stock photo libraries we also review the best in free images, PD and Creative Commons archives. This free photo site has over 200,000 free images, mostly in the categories of scenic, nature, objects and still life.
It may not be the largest or most easily searchable collection, but Unprofound is a very unique site that provides free stock photos sorted by color. ImageBase has really nice high resolution images that fall under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. If you’re looking for a straightforward photo collection without a lot of other options, this is a good starting point.

Free Images has more than 3,000 original stock photos all taken specifically to add to the image database on the site. Man, Sitepoint should have some sort of “bookmarks” or “favourite pages” option to have articles like this always accesible.
What reassurance is given that these images come with full rights to be reused, without credit, for any purpose with cost? I imagine that likes of Stock.XCHNG cannot verify the origin of ANY photo, so if the true owner of the rights takes up the issue with your client, then you as the designer will probably cop any legal ramifications. Crestock is a visual content provider licensing quality royalty-free stock photos and vector illustrations.
We pride ourselves with bringing you photos of  the beauty of the West Coast directly to you, with gorgeous, hi-resolution images featuring local wildlife, the ocean and other bodies of water, our Earth, and other inspiration, all stemming from nature itself. This is in contrast to, for example, assignment photography, which is custom designed to meet specific specifications. Often, stock photography is cheaper than custom assignments, which cost photography purchasers to pay fees on the size, distribution, and possible rights. They can also sell and resell their photographs over and over, because they own the rights. We update frequently with snippets of what we are working on, as well as thoughts and solutions to brand and product development and marketing. Images which dona€™t meet microstock standards are often offloaded for free* on free stock photo sites and into the creative commons. But it’s inevitable that you will exhaust the supply on your favorite site or just need a few fresh images at some point.
The site also has an extensive search functionality, lightboxes, and Photoshop and GIMP tutorials for a number of photo effects. There is not a site-wide browsing capability, but you can browse photos that are provided by the site owners.

The site is searchable, and the categories for browsing are very specific which makes it easier to find photos.
They are categorized and searchable, with the top three categories being Home, Financial and Flora. You submit information on the photo you’re looking for and site volunteers attempt to capture the perfect shot for you for free. But since usage rights can change, be sure to read the policies on each site before using the photos. Stock photography is great for developers, and is often used in magazines, books, advertising, design agencies, greeting cards, political campaigns, and more… all of which are equally reachable via the Internet.
Stock photography also is straightforward: you like it, you want it, you buy it (or, in our case, take it). Another benefit is that stock photography can spark ideas, bringing you something you might not have thought of. Web quality versions of the photos (typically 640×427) are free, with a fee required for higher resolutions. A nice feature is that you can add images to your lightbox and then download them all in a ZIP file. Other categories include headshots of government officials, event-specific photos and photos taken at youth programs.

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