Trees have a symbolic and rich historical significance in many cultures; having been mentioned in myths and revered in many religions. All that changed about twenty years ago when tattooing became more socially acceptable, largely due to the many celebrities who publicly sported tattoos. Feminine ink is no longer shocking, and we no longer jump to conclusions about a woman’s moral character based on whether or not she has a few tattoos! That doesn't mean that there are no women with large tattoos, but usually feminine tattoos are more likely to be isolated in one or two areas of the body – as accent pieces, so to speak.
Women’s tattoo designs are also less heavy, less aggressive looking compared to men's tattoos. Tribal lower back tattoos: these were very trendy at the beginning of this century, but were usually not very inspired or original.
Flower tattoos: flowers have a natural beauty and are very feminine, it's not hard to understand why they are usually considered a girly tattoo design. Heart tattoos: hearts are the symbol of love and romance and have been a popular design for tattoos since the early days.
Dragonfly tattoos: most women are not very fond of insects, but that's not the case with dragonflies, which are very well-liked as a tattoo design. Swallow tattoos: these are typical old-school Sailor Jerry type of designs and became trendy again thanks to the renewed interest in all things retro. Zodiac tattoos: if you believe in astrology, having your zodiac sign tattooed is a good option.
Text tattoos: tattoos of quotes, verses or phrases from the Bible are a popular choice for women. The inside of the wrist: this is a good place for a tattoo, it can easily be covered up by wearing a watch or a bracelet.
Back of the neck: very nice spot to have a tattoo in my opinion and one of the less painful places.
The side: a tattoo on the side of the body is very popular and usually of the floral or swirly kind. I personally think it's a good idea to have a tattoo on a place that you can cover up, especially when your work environment is kind of conservative.
Now that you know the most popular feminine tattoos for women, it might be a good idea to deviate from the norm. The female sign is a very powerful symbol and is very cool as a tattoo design (might also be a good tattoo idea for men). Chinese or Japanese symbols are not really original anymore, but there are other exotic scripts that are very suitable for tattoo designs, like Sanskrit, Hebrew or Tibetan.
Cursive Name Tattoo Designs Charlie Download Free - Free Name Designs Free Name Designs Custom Name Tattoo Design Graphics to Print Home Search: Your Name Name Design Generators Art Deco Designs Blackletter Designs Calligraphic Designs Cursive Designs Decorated Designs Elegant Designs Flourishes Designs Gothic Designs Graffiti Designs Groovy Designs Handwritten Designs Lively Script Designs Old English Designs Victorian Designs Title Designs Typewriter Designs Vintage Designs Vintage Writer Designs {Make Your Own} Create Your Free Tattoo Quote Designs Here Free Tattoo Image Designs Here Free Name Designs Cursive Name Tattoo Designs Cursive Name Tattoo Designs Charlie Download Free Cursive Name Tattoo Designs Charlie Download Free freenamedesignsJuly 20, 2014 Cursive Name Tattoo Designs Charlie Cursive Name Tattoo Designs Free Lettering Print your free cursive name design in printable graphic format. They symbolize the cycle of life with the withering of leaves in the winter, and the rejuvenation of flowers and leaves in the Spring.

For the first fifty or sixty years after tattooing became commonplace and even mainstream in modern society, few women got tattoos – in fact, those that did were the exception and usually a touch eccentric or rebellious. They are universal, can be simple and small or combined with other designs, that's why they are so popular as a ladies tattoo.
Sometimes they are combined with other design elements, but usually it's just the words, written in a nice font. They are easy to cover up if you want to (by wearing socks) and not so problematic as foot tattoos. Don't let this put you off though, if you think your lower back is the perfect place for your tattoo, then by all means, go ahead. Keep in mind that tattoos on the feet need more care and don't last as long as tattoos on other places.
Keep in mind when choosing a tattoo spot, that some areas of your body will stretch when you get older. Be original in your choice of tattoo and take or make a design that has a special meaning to you.
The old school tattoo designs of today are more refined, brighter and have more colors than the originals, thanks to modern tattoo equipment. Available as a free printout image this cursive smooth flowing text design is great for tattoos. If you're interested as well and would like to know more about design choices, here's where you need to be. In Celtic tradition, it is said that trees were the ancestors of mankind, as they had spirits and were living beings. Nowadays most people find female tattoos attractive, they certainly aren't offensive anymore.
It pays to be more creative than just going to the tattoo parlor to buy a tattoo design from a book.
Have a look at the tattoo designs from the Haida tribe for example, they are more colorful than other tribals and you don't see them nearly as much. Catching a glimpse of a lower back tattoo on a woman, you almost get the feeling that you’re seeing something you shouldn't be – very tantalizing! Hence getting a tree tattoo would have various meanings and look great on any part of the body.
The meaning of these tattoos doesn't define who you are; it's actually the other way round. You are someone who gives significance to your tattoos.There are tons of options for tree tattoo with animals. While inking dark-colored or black birds, it provides a sense of mystery, secrets, and the unknown.
Browse or search through our site and find a large range of name tattoo designs with pre-printed names on graphics ready to download.

If you look at the design carefully, you'll see that the birds aren't flying away from the tree; despite the tree almost dying, the birds stay close by. Despite the tree being leafless, the curvaceous figure of the woman makes it lively and attractive.
There is no requirement for complicated sketching, and once the tattoo is finished, the design looks fabulous.
Since the design appears in a circular shape, it can be said that the tattoo speaks of eternity. If this tattoo is what you're looking for, you can even add roots to the design in a spiral shape to give it a more spiritual and symbolic appeal.Tree tattoos have varied connotations behind them, depending on who wears them. Many people like to convey the message of wisdom, strength, growth, beauty, and protection. With all the positive messages this design portrays, you can definitely pick it for yourself. It is said that the goddesses Ishtar, Astarte, Nut, and Hathor considered the palm tree to be sacred.
The fruit was used to keep the souls of the dead in a semi-animated state, since the dead would have a chance to receive their fate in the Underworld. In the old times, Roman warriors were welcomed back on the beds of palm leaves after their battles.Even though trees symbolize rejuvenation, new life, and renewal, many people are drawn towards getting a tattoo of a leafless tree. The meanings behind these designs may vary, depending on the ones who choose to get them inked on themselves. The raw projection of the branches and the trunk is quite fascinating, and it gives a dramatic effect to the entire tattoo.Last, but certainly not the least, a colorful tree design is also very popular.
You can use the design as it is, or add more leaves to make the tree look fuller, more livelier. The concept of new beginnings, strength, eternity, and life is not lost here.If you are new to the tattoo art, you can get a small tree tattoo on the wrist or the foot or even your neck.
If you like to have big and majestic designs, you can get them done on your back, lower back, stomach, arm, or your hip. Whenever you get a tattoo, regardless of its size, make sure you take proper care of it so it looks good and does not pose a health problem for you. Do your research for an experienced tattoo artist and be sure that you pick the right design, for you.

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