Not only do I love these tattoos, which are gorgeous representations of their genres, I really appreciate the way in which you are sharing them…a try before you buy. Thanks for all the free tattoos they are really beautiful, I would like to get sum tattoos with meaning if i could.
I was hesitating when I signed up–then I got your email- with this very generous offer.
Proud to present, We are glad to partner with ravenink who is a tattoo artist that has illustrated over 1000+ tattoo designs. The pink feminine roses in this feminine tattoo have an antique design style that is a perfect choice for elegant women. Hibiscus and Dragonfly Tattoo tattoo design – The Hibiscus and Dragonfly Tattoo design can be applied to any gender.
I have praying hands will also add a star of some type.I know what I want but the colors are an issue for me.

The wings look great and I like how she is naked but not showing anything too inappropriate.
I’m not a tattoo artist but I want to draw my design several different ways to take with me when I go to get my first tattoo.
It has to be the top view of a frog all 4 legs kinda streached out and be done in tribal so Army Staff Srgt strips could be incorparated into the design on his back. But i thank you for being an organazation that actually care about the customers and there thoughts and feed back….
I can`t promise you that I`ll join up–but I will sincerely Thank you once more and hope You Have A Great Day! Oh, and the women on the tree (coconut tree) seems like a brazilian me hahahaha Thanks for sharing these for free!
If you can pull those off with realism, I would be inclined to join your site and pay out the money.

This is what im wanting as a memorial tat for my brother that was killed in Afgan 4yrs ago next month on my birthday. If you have something you think might be more what I’m looking for I would appreciate if you could send it to me. I did have a local Tat artist draw something up but realy didnt like what he came up with so im still on the hunt.

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