We promise to Manufacture only the best tattoo supplies and ensure the highest quality possible.
Tattoo machine a€“ you can generally select amongst a liner or shader, the machine should also come with every little thing you might want to operate it, tattoo machines key, tattoo ajust tools. Tattoo needles a€“ these should really be appropriate for the machine that comes within the kit and normally there is going to be two sets so you are able to replace them as needed.

Ink cup holder a€“ To help keep your inks at hand, an ink cup holder that is developed for the tattoo machine can be a very good thought and will be included within the kit. Transfer paper a€“ this will make it easier to transfer your designs onto the clienta€™s skin.
A good newbie tattoo kit may also consist of some practice skin to work with in addition to a drawing pencil to suit your needs to sketch with.

Our products mainly include tattoo kits,tattoo machines, tattoo inks, tattoo power supply, tattoo needles, tattoo make- up supplies,tattoo transfer supply, tattoo tips, tattoo tube and grips, and tattoo art pictures.

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