Over the last 11 months, I’ve had the opportunity to work with an awesome client growing a brand new website. Due to our monetary constraints, I’ve had to hone my skills in free traffic generation. Some may see this as a burden, but in reality, it’s important to diversify your traffic sources. So today, I’m going to walk you through 21 different ways to drive traffic to your website — for free. I hope you can use these strategies to increase your web traffic, save money, and diversify your strategy at the same time. Yours FREE: Click to download this article as a PDF to take wherever you want on any device.
If you’ve been on Twitter for even a short time, you’ve probably received an automatic direct message (DM).
It’s a message that arrives after you follow someone, and it usually has a link to the service that person is using to send the DM.
As a traffic generation and relationship building tool, they actually work. And most people using them right now are not going about it the right way.
I set up a direct message and tested it over a 14-day period. It links to one of my top articles. Over that same time period, I gained 725 Twitter followers, sent 56 people to my site from that link (7.7% CTR), and got additional shares on the article. This passive traffic system takes about 5 minutes to set up, and with the dead simple strategy I’m going to show you to get more free Twitter followers, you will be killing multiple birds with one stone. There are a bunch of services that allow you to set up automatic DMs, but my favorite free one is Crowdfire.
Here you can set up just one direct message, or you can set up multiple messages that get cycled randomly to your new followers.
Frame the message as if you checked out their profile beforehand and thought they might like what you’re about to show them. Unless your service lets you include a first name field for your follower, don’t say “Hi” or “Hey there.” Saying “Hi” without stating their name reinforces that it’s an automated message, so it’s better to leave it out. Reaching out to people for social shares and engagement is one of the best ways to get traffic to your site.
As long as your content is valuable enough, people will be happy that you exposed them to the information you put together. There are also ways to make sure these people are pre-qualified to want and need your content. If you’ve created a valuable piece of content, odds are you’ve linked out to other helpful resources produced by people with large followings. I just published a new lead generation tutorial that breaks down 17 ways to capture targeted leads online.
I included your guide, The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Design, in the part about creating high converting landing pages.
But if you’re in a niche where influencers aren’t getting a lot of these requests, you might want to ask for one.
For this one, you’re going to do the same as before except you haven’t mentioned them in your content. The goal is to find influencers who will have an interest in your content, whether they’re featured or not. BuzzSumo is a search engine that shows you a ton of different content-related info, including the most highly shared content for a given search term and what topics are trending right now. I noticed that most of the information out there hadn’t been updated in a while, so I made sure to make this piece as in-depth and actionable as possible. If someone has already written something similar to your content, they’re likely to share your content as well. In this strategy, you’re going to find content similar to yours, identify the authors, reach out to those people, and present your content. Go to NinjaOutreach’s content prospecting tool and search for a topic your content falls under. Remember, if they wrote something similar to your post, then that’s a good indicator that it may interest them. With this email, you can be a little more forward and ask for a share (unless you’re reaching out to more influencers). First, get rid of the same old link that points to your home page, and compel people to click to a high value page on your site.

Now, every single email I send has the potential to drive traffic, build my email list, and generate leads. To track how many clicks you’re getting, simply use a bit.ly link instead of the normal URL. As our species has done for generations, when we band together we become a more formidable force than when we stand alone. This is what can happen if you form a group of people who share each other’s content and promote each other’s sites. If you’re creating the kind of content that solves problems and helps people, your content is perfect for these communities. Simply submit your content to these communities, participate in discussions, and watch the traffic roll in. Note: Learn how I drove 34,000 search engine visits in 60 days (for free) in my 5,000-word cost effective SEO case study. These articles are some of the easiest to promote, get hundreds (if not thousands) of social shares, and drive free website traffic by the truckload.
My client and I used a top X article to get our highest traffic day at the time and over 200 shares in a niche where social media isn’t a big part of the landscape yet. But, if you accidentally miss some sites that deserve to be ranked, then you run into figuring out how to include them without knocking other people off the list. LinkedIn groups are packed with people having discussions, networking, and best of all, sharing content.
This will bring up a list of groups filled with people who will enjoy your content (and your site).
Finally, head into these groups, share your content, start a discussion, and watch people flock to your site. The key is making sure your content is highly relevant to what that subreddit is discussing or is interested in. While this immediate traffic aren’t “new visitors,” they’re people who will share your content, link to you, and help you bring in new visitors. For Facebook and Google plus, it will pull information from your meta description for the description. Place these icons in each page of your lead magnet, link them with the share URLs, and include a call-to-action to share it.
This means that anyone who downloads your lead magnet has the potential to share it on social media, drive traffic to your landing page, and build your email list.
What if every article you publish gets sent to a publication that already attracts a lot of traffic (with links back to your site)? You’d get immediate exposure without having to put in extra work each time you publish new content.
The more places you can syndicate your content, the more exposure (traffic) you can get to each piece. Now whenever you publish something, you will immediately expose it to new audiences across the web.
These articles are based around one defining question that lots of people would like to know the answer to.
Finally, all of these opinions get combined into one, meaty, extremely valuable article that people LOVE. If you’re not in an influencer-heavy niche, grab all of the top influencers and simply go down the list to less influential people. I’m writing because I’m putting together a NICHE expert roundup for my blog, and I was wondering if you would like to participate. Of course, I’ll include a picture of you (or your logo) and link back to WEBSITE NAME and your social media profiles. When the answers start rolling in, make sure to thank each person for their time and compile the answers into an article. If even a small amount of your experts share the article, this can send lots of quality visitors your way.
Check out Richard Marriott’s guide for an even more detailed look at how to create and promote an expert roundup. Weekly roundups are articles that curate some of the best content of that week on a given subject. These articles typically get a good amount of traffic, because they’re nice one-stop-shops for people to catch up on anything they missed the previous week.
Lots of traffic means you want your content to be featured in these articles as often as possible.

LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Los recortes son una forma practica de recopilar diapositivas importantes para volver a ellas mas tarde. So around that time I went from being dead broke, sleeping in cars and almost losing my life from grinding in the streets, because I was trying to provide a better life for my son. I’m not saying you will become a millionaire from joining MCA, But just look at this opportunity as a stepping stone to help you get to the next level in life.
MCA also covers you for legal fees, bail and arrest bonds, credit card protection, accidental life insurance, discounts on rental cars, hotels, RX, dental, and vision. As a named member, anyone over the age of 18 that lives in The United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico, can start a career as an Independent Sales Agent. Well, luckily, one of my favorite bloggers, Robbie Richards, shared a brilliant strategy to get more followers. This strategy gives you immense power over the effectiveness of your DM for driving traffic. Robbie used this strategy to get 1,048 new followers and increase his Twitter referral traffic by 159% (with 3 hours of work). For two, them sharing your content will get more eyeballs on it, which means more eyeballs on the link to their site and more traffic for them.
These people probably don’t get share requests that often, so asking for one doesn’t come off too pushy. They can become long term business partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships for life.
It attracts people who specialize in a range of marketing related sub-topics, including content marketing, email marketing, and SEO. Since the community is so big, being featured on the home page for even a small amount of time can bring in loads of visitors. The community is so engaged, taking 5 minutes to submit your latest case study can attract hundreds of new visitors. They’re people who have subscribed to your blog or downloaded your free resource because they want to hear more from you. Not only that, but your lead magnets can actually help you gradually build your web traffic over time. If you’re in a niche with lots of influencers, pick and choose the ones you like the most (and who have the biggest followings). However, you want to filter the results to only show articles that are being published regularly.
To making $500-$1,000+ a week with MCA, which allowed me to start my own Real estate company and Clothing line as well. MCA sales great benefits such as Unlimited Roadside Assistance, which covers you for 100 Miles of towner (per incident) (per day). MCA does not run television commercials, radio commercials, or pay for any type of advertising. MCA offers weekly pay for each policy sold, and residual income on monthly renewals of each policy sold.
They won’t give any love (or clicks) to topics and content that are off-topic and solely for self-promotion.
They’re simply too busy to spend time on things that aren’t meaningful, even if it does get them more exposure.
Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. I started my first business at the age of 18 ( Lawn Service) I made great money with it for 2 years, but someone ended up stealing all of my equipment. With saving so much money in advertising and overhead cost, MCA pays it’s own members to go out and find more members to increase sales.

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