The designs of these tattoos center on elements such as the national flag, bald eagle, tank, plane, dog tag, crest and quotes.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Star Tattoo Designs, Girly Tattoos, Name Tattoo Ideas and Anchor Tattoos. This is a classic piece of tattoo art that not only oozes a dutiful aura but also a religious hint. Have a look at this crest of the salvation army that projects the wearer’s commitment and pride. Check out this cool tags tattoo that seems to have pierced the chest and symbolizes the pride and honor of an army man.
The skull and the guns together make for a macho army tattoo that is symbolic of pride and honor. This US soldier sports a classic army tattoo that represents the service ethos in a superb manner. The wearer got this seal on her knee to serve as a reminder for the tours she undertook serving in the army. Symbol of service, compassion and duty; this army tattoo has a very unique and elegant look. This awe-inspiring army tank, done with excellent details, makes a strong and macho style statement. This veteran soldier displays his love and passion for the army through a colorful chest tattoo. The soldier guy got this tattoo for his fallen brothers who died serving in the line of duty. The guy got the portrait of his father who served in the army as a mark of tribute and love. The fluttering American flag and the tank present a patriotic tattoo portrait that is quite catchy and artistic.

Graceful army helmet tattoo carved along with the name of the medic makes a meaningful professional style statement.
This guy serves in the marine army and got the meat tags tattooed on his body as an identification mark. This army man displays a creative tattoo on his arm that shows a skull along with the name of the unit in which he served.
This tattoo has a scary look that symbolizes the awe and fear the army arouses in the hearts of enemies. This quote and rifle tattoo sitting on the arm of the soldier sends out the message of call of duty.
This UK soldier is a big fan of the Westham United Football Club and wears his love in the form of a crest tattoo on his chest.
The rose, crossed axes and the quote in German look very appealing on the body of the army man who is a big football fan.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The dove tattoos present in this site are quite elegant and classy in appearance, thereby greatly enhancing the wearer’s look. Not too often do we see people with owl tattoos, but there are a huge number of people out there with them. Swans tattoos are also rarely seen but are a great idea for someone who is looking for a bird tattoo idea. If you are looking for an outlandish tattoo design with a religious or spiritual connotation, opt for a nice praying hands tattoo design that will perfectly suit your tastes. The praying tattoo ideas presented above will surely go a long way to enhance your overall appearance.
Most of the times the art forms are black and gray in appearance but colors are not totally avoided.

The tattoo on his arm is a mark of faith and his commitment for the charitable acts of the salvation army.
Praying has been a sacred practice in all religions, and sporting a praying hands tattoo can be a good way of expressing one’s religious beliefs. The tattoo is actually inspired from a famous painting called “The Praying Hands” by Albrecht Durer. If you want to know more about these symbols of pride, bravery, honor and service then have a look at this post displayed below. It is also associated with loving your partner and taking care of your loved ones, which makes it a favorite among couples. Apart from serving as a symbol of our faith, it can also act as a memoriam for a departed soul.
Swans in general are elegant and beautiful.  These tattoos may mean something different to each culture. Dove tattoos are very beautiful and rich in meaning, which makes them popular among people from all backgrounds.
There are a number of praying hands tattoo designs that one can choose from which differ greatly in their style, size, coloration, and overall look. The tattoo can also be accompanied by other designs such as a cross, rosary beads or flowers.

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