With that said, would you get one if you don’t have a say or idea of how the ink would turn out?
Based in Amsterdam, this 29-year-old South African tattoo artist is a master of creating stunning tattoos, and while you can’t really tell from his intricate and meticulous works, he inks freehand, making it all up as he goes. Entirely self-taught, Jay grasped the art of inking by observing the works of top artists from around the world — resulting in techniques and style are unconventional.

While primarily inspired by traditional painting techniques such as watercolour and liquid ink, he likes to bring in modern and graphic elements. We’re not going to lie – we are extremely intrigued (and are checking out flights to Amsterdam right now)! But, she also thinks that people tend to forget the things that really matter in life because of how fast-paced the world has become.

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