ClearText is a simple language editor for Mac OS X, it only allows for 1000 of the most commonly used words in the English language to be entered, forcing the user to reduce word complexity and to simplify their speech.
The app is pretty simple by design, but supports full screen mode, different fonts and text sizes, and the typical basics you’d expect in a basic text editor. Anyway, we like to cover things that are fun to play around with sometimes, and ClearText fits the bill, give it a try.
I could use this when corresponding to foreign nationals, is there an earlier version of this. As to dumbing down: I teach English in a university in SE Asia and often have to edit papers. Clarity for all (well, as many as possible :) is better than pretentiousness and confusion for some.
For those of you lamenting the poor state of American education, that’s a different issue. There’s a time and place for everything, and the ClearText app definitely works in many situations. Simple explanations are the best for opening and closing written or spoken information when a clear summary is needed. Too often, experts confuse summarizing an idea, a concept, a product, a fact with giving a detailed description.

I work in an international company where not everyone speaks good English – this looks like a good tool to double-check software documentation to ensure it is more easily understandable. Definitely not a perfect solution – I checked out the initial explainer books and some things were hard to understand–mostly because it looks like the author thought it more important to hold on to the 1000 words than be true to the goal of what you get when using them. This is intentional, with most communicating far below their educational achievements and speaking somewhere between a fourth grade level to a fifth grade level, and rarely a bit higher.
Words that are deemed to complex by not being in the common vernacular are flagged with yellow (or deleted) immediately, so that you can rewrite them in plain terms. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! You have Harvard graduates talking at them as if they both topped out in 3rd grade, except the elite Ivy grad is smart enough to take advantage of the 45 year old 3rd grader by getting into power and writing the laws to favor themselves… and boy do they. As long as the content of what you have to say isn’t compromised, I think the idea is to clearly say what you need to say in the simplest way possible.
In fact, if we taught and spoke in a way that people could understand, the smarter they’ll be.
The idea is to make concepts simple, with the message easy to understand, easy to remember, and easy to digest. This is not only perfect for writing pandering political speeches, but it could genuinely be useful for writing and speaking to a specific target audience or crowd.

It’s no wonder politicians need to speak down to the public if the average American is no smarter than a preteen. That being said, for some, the goal is to seem more intellectual than they may otherwise feel they are. I have a bias of needing to be understood – I say this as a college professor of 24 years and author of 2 textbooks. While a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, we need to make sure they’re the thousand words that we wanted them to recognize in the first place. While politicians may do this to pander, it’s actually harder to write (and speak) with a simplified vocabulary than you may think.
That’s where this fun little free Mac app comes in, it aids in that simplification process, and it’s actually pretty useful for anyone looking to improve their communication!

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