Steve Jobs, the founder and CEO of Apple corporation, is well known for his unconventional leadership style and quirky quotable quotations. Pin This Image on PinterestWhat did Steve Jobs think about being an unconventional leader and entrepreneur? I’m in Europe as part of a six-nation speaking tour, participating in the Free Market Road Show. My first speech was this week in Greece, which is infamous for a government that is insanely wasteful, even to the point of subsidizing pedophiles and requiring stool samples from folks applying to set up online companies. But I don’t want to share anything about my remarks, which would be rather familiar to regular readers of this blog.

Instead, I want to share a couple of slides from Professor Aristides Hatzis of the University of Athens. One reason that I liked the presentation from Professor Hatzis is that he included a couple of amusing cartoons, one of which he borrowed from the United States. I’ll close be recommending this very funny video from a Greek comedian and this non-PC map of how the Greeks view the rest of Europe. This Steve Jobs quote is funny, motivational, and inspirational for managers and entrepreneurs in any business. You don’t need to read Greek to see that featherbedding exploded over the past 35-plus years.

His cartoon on Social Security and Bernie Madoff was my favorite, but the above cartoon would have been a good addition to the list.
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