When Melissa asked me to talk about the topic “anti-perfectionism,” I jumped at the chance and started brainstorming what I wanted to talk about. Before I get started on the subject anti-perfectionism, I want to clarify that there is a time and place for perfectionism, and some things need to be perfect; like, if you are an engineer, or an architect. Now that I just rambled on about how ridiculous of a perfectionist I was (in mostly school work), here are some ways I have come to get over it, and how you can too! I’ve never been much of a perfectionist and reading through your list, I realize why. This is my place to chronicle my every day life, healthy recipes, fitness, motherhood, blog tips, & more.
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I jumped at the chance, because, well, my Type A personality makes me want to be a perfectionist, at all times. I always had to have that A grade, I needed a schedule to keep me in check, I always had to be going above and beyond the extra work assigned to me.

It is so hard to do, but I have learned I feel so much better when I make reasonable expectations rather than large ones. I like to stay fit by working out, and I like to enjoy sweets, preferably cookies I want to give a huge thanks for Melissa for letting me take over her blog today! I don’t really have a purpose for being a perfectionist, which might sound really dumb, but it’s true. Is it going to matter if you cleaned your entire house in 2 hours, or it took all day while you did other things? Striving to be the best will make you miss out on things in life that you may or may not look back on and regret. We all need to strive to be our best, but not so much that it hurts us, or hinders other aspects of our life.
You can bet *that* throws a kink in your plans ?? I have had to learn many of the things you have in order to fully enjoy my season of life- which is faarrr from perfect.
Hopefully she is enjoying every aspect of her vacation, and I can’t wait to read all about it!
I have since come to figure out that I have Type A personality, which is fairly common with those who strive for perfection.

I have really come to regret things in my life due to the perfectionist mentality in my life.
Think about the future- maybe two weeks, maybe a month from now .If it is going to be looked back upon with regret, then it isn’t worth fussing about now. Learning to get past perfectionism takes time just like everything in life, but it is easy to get trapped in the mentality.
If you see yourself stressing out about things way too easily, there is a good chance you need to take a step back and look at the big picture. But, with my new attitude and overcoming perfectionism, I didn’t get mad or upset about it.

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