Stand with feet 4 to 5 inches apart and measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the tape parallel to the ground. Bottoms fit loose with string waist & no fly (black plaid & lumberjack prints are cotton flannel, all others cotton jersey). Women will drive miles out of their way to avoid the possibility of getting lost using a shortcut. The most embarrassing thing for women is to find another woman wearing the same dress at a formal party. If a man goes on a seven-day trip, he’ll pack five days worth of clothes and will wear some things twice; if a woman goes on a seven-day trip she’ll pack 21 outfits because she doesn’t know what she’ll feel like wearing each day. The word “woman” is believed to have derived from the Middle English term wyfman, broken down simply as the wife (wyf) of man.
Tops are 100% cotton tagless crew neck shirts (size up in doubt)Designs only on tee'sDesigns are professionally printed.
Your unique design will make anyone smileSurprise your special person with these PJ's on Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day or ChristmasMachine wash cold inside out with like colors.

And they don’t view it as being untrustworthy, providing they only tell two or three people. Scarce, sir, mighty scarce.Despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered:What does a woman want? They are the great vacation-less class.Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men. Happy Women’s Day!If you could see it from my eyes, you would know you are one gem of a Woman!This is just my way of saying that you are a very special Woman in my life! Happy Womens Day, my girl.On Women’s Day what can I wish for, but the very best for you! Happy Women’s Day!To my special partner who works 24 hours a day every day of each year, I just want to say that I appreciate you every second of every day. Today we all say Happy Women’s Day!!You can do almost anything your mind to… You can swim the deepest ocean and climb the highest peak… Be a doctor or fly a plane… You can face adversity and still walk tall.
You are all this to me and much more… I feel so lucky and proud to have a mom like you.We may not be able to see each other or listen to each other often. I love you!Thanks for making home the loveliest place on Earth!The best place in the world for me is… by your side!

Sweetheart, you are so special to me!My world is beautiful because of you and I wish to spend the rest of my life loving you.
I couldn’t have asked for more… I love you.These red roses say: You’ll always be there in my heart! Sweetheart, I want your love to shine in my life forever…Holding your hands, feeling the warmth of our togetherness, sharing sweet secrets of love. I love you!I must have wished upon a lucky star to have someone as wonderful as you by my side!You’ll always be my inspiration for uncommon strength, love, and commitment.
Happy Women’s Day.As I watch the shooting stars flash across the sky, I thank them once again for having you in my life!

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