WHISKEY AND INK BAR AUSTIN TX chat la madeleine - chat la madeleine - chat la madeleine Bat bar inc located in el paso. Welcome to Sullivan’?s Steakhouse in Austin, located in the fashionable Warehouse District at 3rd and Colorado streets. Alcohol, Happy Hour times and offers are subject to change to comply with local and state liquor laws and vary by location.
You should receive an email within a few minutes providing the details of your reservation. The different colored shipping containers look stylish from the outside with large windows that are carved into the containers. Transforming shipping containers into a livable space is nothing new to the world, but Austin is a place which refrained from such art. Monika is a young blogger, who likes sharing her opinion about trending consumer products and gadgets.
The wines on our list are not only selected to compliment the cuisine, but also to allow our guests to span the globe in search of the perfect wine. The III Forks bar is the ultimate spot to enjoy perfectly chilled martinis and keep up to date with the latest stock reports, world happenings and sports scores. It’s been nearly a year since the Yassine family businesses, nine of Austin’s most popular downtown establishments, closed their doors after Mike, Hadi, and Steve Yassine, along with other associates, were arrested on federal drug, weapons, and money laundering charges, according to the Austin American Statesman. If the excessive amounts of TABC violations that these bars accrued were any indication of how things were run behind closed doors, it’s no wonder the FBI had them under surveillance, as reported by KVUE.
After the Yassines went through long court struggles to keep the liquor licenses on the businesses, ultimately failing, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission finally cancelled the nine licenses on January 9, says The Statesman. Jason Carrier, partner in Carmack Concepts who opened Bourbon Girl, the first new bar to open in one of the old spaces, is hopeful that the long, arduous process that they went through will be changed after this incident.
The new bars all seem to be bringing a bit of something different to the area; the new establishments are more refined and lack the 25 cent shot night sleaziness and overt racism that the former bars had. The large complex that was once Kiss and Fly (and before that, Yassine-owned Vicci) at 404 Colorado, will soon become 404. The 413 E 6th location once occupied by Treasure Island, will soon become 413 Bar, which will be opened by the same owners as Peckerheads and the Lodge, creating a bar trifecta along the 400 block of 6th St.
A search of TABC license and permit applications shows that other former Yassine businesses Pure (419 E 6th), Stack Burger Bar (208 W 4th), and Roial (120 W 5th) do not currently have applicants for licenses.

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Enjoy great food, fun drinks, live music and a swinging atmosphere right in the middle of Austin?’s world-famous nightlife downtown, a few blocks from 6th Street. Now, North Arrow Studio with the help of Hendley Knowles Design Studio, has designed a bar using shipping containers in Austin, Texas. Inside the bar, there is a lounge and four private rooms, each designed in different style with comfortable chairs and couches. This is the only reason that it took about three years to complete construction of this container bar here. When she is not educating readers with her writings, she’s most likely educating herself by reading her favorite stuff. According to TABC records of licenses with administrative violations, in the years between 1997 and 2012, a combination of the nine establishments racked up nearly 250 violations, ranging from tax violations to possession of drugs by licensee to intoxicated licensee on licensed premise. This allowed for new owners to finally step in and receive licenses to do business in those spaces. Someone even suggested changing the addresses of the new businesses, but the permits are for the specific physical spaces,” Beck said.
There are so many options down here that new bars need to differentiate themselves as much as possible.
It was pretty calm early on a Friday evening, allowing for a good look at what’s going on inside the space.
The concept focuses on music, with two music experiences in one venue; the first floor will feature live bands and musicians, and the second level will be a dance floor featuring music by some of Austin’s best DJs.
Joe Osorio from Osorio Hospitality Partners, LLC, says that the concept isn’t fully developed yet, but the plan is for it to become a dance club.
It is built over an area of 8,000 square feet using seven containers, all stacked one over the other to form a double-story bar covered with a metal panel.
Interior of the bar is kept colorful and vibrant to make these dull containers look livelier. The architectural firm has indeed done a commendable job by designing such unique work of art in Texas from absolutely nothing. Our wine list is ever changing to reflect the trends of new wineries, rare varietals and new regions.

Historic 6th gets a bad rap sometimes, and we wanted to help raise the bar for 6th Street moving forward. There are no hitching posts or sawdust covered floors here, just a very vibrant atmosphere and a whole lot of whiskey.
There are two stories to the bar, with both areas featuring the original exposed walls and wooding.
They are currently waiting on TABC to approve their license before announcing an opening date.
The best thing about using shipping containers is that it can easily be dis-assembled and transported to any other location. I know Doug Guller is doing the same at The Chicago House, as are Ryan Sbrusula and Mike Frost at Amped. These features were part of the original building, a boarding house originally opened in 1887. The container bar opens up to an outside area to let the customers enjoy sunshine during daytime.
The days of just painting the walls, installing bar neons, and hanging beer mirrors are over. Depending on when you drop by, the DJ might be spinning a ratio of 3:1 in favor of country music, as on opening night, or you might find an entertaining cover band that keeps you oddly mesmerized on a Friday night. The history of the building, along with owner Doug Guller’s upbringing in Chicago, inspired the design concept, according to Thriliist. With Rainey Street, West 6th, and the Warehouse District, Austin has developed a taste for concepts with uniqueness and detailed design,” Carrier said. And if you’re not a fan of the music that’s happening, Bourbon Girl has two private karaoke rooms that are sound proof, making for a night of entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else on Dirty Historic 6th. All beers are $5, most of which are a 14oz pour, until you start getting into the really high Alcohol by Volume ratings, then you get to drink out of a smaller glass, but you also get to raise a pinky and look fancy.

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