If you have constructed a bra (with the help of The Bra-makers Manual, of course), please feel free to email us with a picture and any pertinent information. You may include your name or company name, initials, location or any interesting details about the bra design or construction. The efficient and functional interior is filled with convenient touches like a sliding sun visor, which covers more of the side window when the glare is bright. The rear seats can be easily configured to accommodate luggage, gear, furniture or whatever else you might need to transport. The moonroof features a convenient, one-touch control to open and close, as well as a tilt setting and a sliding sunshade (EX and above).

Details like a sporty instrument panel are just another way the CR-V shows its personality. The 10-way power driver's seat in EX and above models helps you get comfortable behind the wheel. The CR-V has an efficient, continuously variable transmission that provides smoother acceleration than you'd expect from an SUV. Steering wheel-mounted controls help keep your eyes on the road while you’re changing a song, answering a call and more.
The 7-inch Display Audio, a touch-screen interface with smartphone-like functionality, helps you easily communicate with your SUV (EX and above).

Cleverly designed beverage holders keep drinks of all shapes and sizes secure and spill-free. If you need more cargo space[1], easy-to-reach levers make reconfiguring the interior a piece of cake.[1] Carrying too much cargo or improperly storing it can affect the handling, stability and operation of this vehicle.

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