To help those of you who are just starting out we have created a few simple practice sheets and some designs for you to try. She brings with her a fresh new approach and spends countless hours designing new faces for the Mimicks artistes to incorporate in their face painting regime, updating the visual marketing aids, display equipment and sales literature, and also overseeing the quality of workplace standards that Mimicks is so recognisable for. Ashlea is very much a perfectionist and has a unique attention to detail which can be observed at her face painting events. Ashlea was a very young child in 1990 when her Mum started Mimicks Face Painting and from those very early days she became fascinated with the little round pots of paint that her Mum called water make-up.
Over the years she would attend as many events as possibly and would spend her time just watching and learning from the Mimicks Face Painting girls, taking it all in. By the time she was only 11 years old, and after much persuasion, Sherrill allowed her to work on paying customers. Throughout her school years she was most happy in her Art and Craft classes and allowed her natural artistic ability to flourish and develop. During this time Ashlea became Premier Artiste for the company and spent her weekends traveling the country with the Mimicks team, attending countless shows and festivals all over the place. Over the past couple of years Ashlea has been producing face painting tutorial videos for YouTube and has had an overwhelming response from her subscribers. Baby Bump Painting by Mimicks is a new way to celebrate your magnificent 'Bump' which is becoming an increasingly popular trend during the last trimester of pregnancy.
Nothing is more beautiful than your pregnant belly, or more interesting than the expectance of the unborn child within.
Don't let this precious stage of your life slip away without encapsulating the rare moment of growth on your camera or video. Your Baby Bump Painting masterpiece will be performed in the comfort of your own home, in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Depending on the creation that you choose from our Baby Bump Painting portfolio, your work of art will take between 1 - 3 hours to complete. Sherrill Church is the business administration manager of Mimicks Face Painting that she runs in partnership with her daughter Ashlea Henson.
These days Sherrill's passion is to pass on her extensive knowledge in the industry and as a make-up instructor she again travels far and wide to train like-minded individuals on how to set up a face painting service using the Mimicks module.
Sherrill has been in business with a portfolio of companies since the early 1980's, combined with bringing up her two children, she has encountered many experiences including the highs and the lows, the profitable ventures to those that didn't even get off the starting block - and all those unforgettable missed opportunities!
Her entrepreneurial streak appeared from a very early age, and she was only 8 years old when she took her first step into business. A little healthy profit on all the old toys that sold was made ~ and it was with that jar full of money that she decided that she was going to do this as often as she could. At the age of 14 she started to make soft toys after school, rag dolls, teddy bears, glove puppets and the like. After a stint working in a holiday camp, next came working full-time in a clothes shop. In the early eighties along came her next business venture with her family ~ a retail Bridal Shop in High Street, Eastleigh called The Strelli Collection where they manufactured and sold bridal attire to local customers and to other shops throughout the United Kingdom. At one time Sherrill had 40 dressmakers working for her and a very busy schedule indeed in quality control. Towards the end of running The Strelli Collection she set up Country Furnishings (which ran for a couple of years) and set about making Austrian blinds and curtains for customers on the brand new Valley Park estate.

With The Strelli Collection now closed and Country Furnishings coming to an end Sherrill started Mimicks Face Painting in 1990 is still going strong to this date. It was in 1996 that Sherrill had her Face Painting book published 'The Complete Book of Face Painting, by Mimicks'.
Published by Random House, London and Sterling Press, New York, it sold very well in Europe, the United States and Canada and can still be purchased today through Amazon.
Between 1996 and 2001 she worked first part-time and then full time at Eastleigh College teaching The International Theatrical and Media Make-up Diploma along with other allied Beauty Therapy courses.
During this time Mimicks Face Painting was still on an upward spiral of success, and between 1998 and 2005 the company was at it's peak. In 2009 Sherrill once again returned back to teach part-time hours at Eastleigh College in Cosmetic, Fashion and Photographic Make-up along with the Make-up Artistry (Media Make-up) Diploma. Her area of training has now become quite extensive as in 2011 she became a training provider for Capital Hair and Beauty and her courses take place across the country from Southampton to Glasgow. With teaching, training and assessing playing a very important part in her life, Sherrill is now writing a couple of business books which focus on how to start and run a successful face painting venture which includes all the need-to-know information that anyone could possibly want in order to become part of this exciting and rewarding creative make-up industry. Mimicks Face Painting is a sure-fast way to keep your guests occupied and amused at any type of private party and will be a fun and popular activity that provides plenty of enjoyment for everyone, for both children and adults.
Your party guests can choose from a large selection of Mimicks very own unique & creative designs. Choosing a Mimicks Face Painting Artiste will provide you with piece of mind knowing that they are professional, experienced and highly trained. These shapes re-occur throughout many henna patterns and can help you to build more complex designs as well as gain good control.
After working in her mum's business for 13 years, in January 2009 Sherrill offered her the opportunity to become a partner in the company.
Every child or adult that is worked on by Ashlea doesn't just have their face painted - they receive a creation that depicts an artistic style that sets her apart from many others. She was always first in line when the kit came out at practice time, and her friends thought it was wonderful when they came round for tea and left with an artistic creation on their face.
Sherrill could see her keen interest so she bought Ashlea a training head block so that she could practice on.
Quite often she was smaller than those she was painting and had to have a custom made box to stand on so that she could reach their faces! On leaving school she progressed through a Fine Art A Level at a local college and then went on to achieve The International Theatrical & Media Make-up Diploma. Your colourfully painted artistic creation will provide you with great moments that you will be able to share with your loved-ones, forever. Close family members are welcome to stay to capture this memorable experience on film, and to watch the artistic process unfold. Over the past two decades her primary focus was to build a face painting company like no other, introducing a variety of additional creative make-up lines to compliment the popular face painting service, and traveling the width and breadth of the UK attending some of the largest shows and festivals in the Country.
Clearing out her wardrobe and toy box she ventured to plan for a garage sale and let all her friends in the neighbourhood know that it was taking place.
Her mum and her friend would spend every Thursday in Eastleigh and sell her wares on the market there.
She still needed to venture out in business so she placed adverts in newspapers and started making bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and christening robes to customers own specific requirements.

She could be found burning the midnight oil most evenings of the week in her spare bedroom making wedding dresses and could usually turn out about 5 of them a week. At one time there were only 2000 houses on the estate and 750 of them were Sherrill's customers that had used her curtain service. She worked on it for 3 months in her brothers hair and beauty salon but gave it up pretty prompt as it was having a stressful consequence on her eyesight. Ashlea and Asa were very young children when Mimicks started and she would take them to her Face Painting events whenever she could.
A few years later it was re-published by an American company as 'Fantastic Fun Face Painting'. It was here that she gained her teaching, assessing and internal verifying qualifications. Sherrill and her team, along with her husband, were traveling the whole of the country  in their motor home attending shows and festivals, corporate events and birthday parties. Sherrill and Ashlea started providing location fairytale themed birthday parties and in 2006 they moved the business into a spectacular custom built Fairytale Venue in their home-town of Eastleigh, Hampshire. She is now a member of The Institute for Learning, a professional body for teachers, trainers and tutors in the Further Education sector. Last year she also started to provide continued professional development (CPD) courses for lecturers in colleges across the UK, teaching them how to deliver the face painting unit by City & Guilds in their own colleges.
Why not browse through their gallery before they arrive where you will be able to see the vast range of Face Painting designs that are on offer.
All the Artistes are insured with ?5million Public Liability, are CRB Checked and follow a strict code of practice with regards to health & safety. And after the paint has washed away - you will still be left with precious memories and photographs to last a lifetime! This lasted a couple of years as did making designer clothes that she copied from catalogues and sold to her friends, cheaper than they could buy in the boutiques.
This was the norm, as was bringing up her two children who were both under 5 years old at that time, in the late eighties. Sherrill could see from an early age that Ashlea became incredibly interested to learn her skills and by the time she was only 11 years old she was on the payroll (well sort of) and a very competent face painter indeed. Together they hosted 15 different types of party themes ranging from Princess and Pirate, Fairy and Wizard to High School Musical and Spa Soiree events. She also runs her own Mimicks module training courses for small groups of people in her home-town, or travels specifically to their location to provide tuition.
They can also email you a PDF Face Painting invitation for you to print out for your guests once booked.
In the Summer of 2010 Sherrill sold Once Upon A Party which freed up more time to spend on Mimicks Face Painting - which had taken a bit of a back-seat during those 4 years.

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