Just like other tattoo designs, you’ll also find plenty of choices in tattoo designs for baby names.
As this “skin art” is spreading like wildfire among new parents, many tattoo artists have also developed creative designs, making modern moms and dads more interested in getting the names of their babies permanently inked on their skin. Design inspiration– you will be able to find a great design when you have an inspiration. The handprints of your baby are among the cutest and designs that parents will be proud to wear everywhere. Footprints may seem common but it is unique in the sense that the image engraved on your skin is actually your baby’s own footprints with her name and date of birth. Common locations for the astrological sign tattoos are on the hips, chest, shoulders, lower back or even more lower like on your shoulder blade that way, makes the most compelling foray. I am designing my own tattoo with my daughter’s name x I love the art work of Tattoos but i am petrified of the needles xx what could over come my fear? Kids will always be a part of their parents no matter what happens that’s why child name tattoos are considered the safest bet.
The best thing about kids name tattoos is that it is often easier to make you own unique piece. Baby name tattoos, for example, can be mixed with their portraits or their pictures while they are still in a specific developing age in the mother’s womb. Having your own name inked on you is actually a creative and effortless way of telling the world you respect your name and that you’re proud of it and everything it stands for. For moms and dads, having the names of their children inked on them is a creative way of depicting unconditional lifetime love to their kids.
Ever since celebrities like Angelina Jolie and David Beckham had their children’s names inscribed on their skin, many new parents have also decided to get a tattoo that includes their own kid’s name. Baby name tattoos are getting more popular for new parents to have a permanent reminder of their children’s birth. For some new parents, getting baby name tattoos indelibly marked on their skin had become a creative way of showing honor or great love to their offspring. Since baby name tattoos are fast gaining worldwide popularity, the question now would be, what design should parents choose that will make them happy for the rest of their life?  Where in the body should it be embedded? But, most parents that are interested in having their baby names inked on their skin are not quite sure where to put their tats on. This growing trend among modern moms and dads can be an exciting way to make the bond between parents and their kids more fun and stronger. If you’re a new mom or dad in search of tattoo designs for baby names, you’ve come to the right place. Some insist having baby names printed on their body in permanent ink isn’t a good idea as the color and shape will look odd as the skin ages. A lot of moms who previously were never interested in tattoos suddenly felt the urge to have one with the birth of their little one.
But other moms insist there are better ways to show their love to their children other than putting name tattoos on their body.
If you’re seeking out for design inspirations, you can find great ideas from online galleries or from the portfolio of famous tattooists. For example, if you find that animals are a fun inspiration, then you may want to choose the image of your favorite animal and have your baby’s name embedded on or near it.

However, if there will be times that you need to hide it, you can have it on the part where it can be hidden with shirts, pants and shoes.
This is something that unique that tends to be so special especially for parents who are often away from their little one. Footprints tats are usually engraved on shoulder blades, lower back, belly button, upper arms and ankle. With his or her name and birth date on it, a little angel’s image inked on your skin will certainly be a reminder of your precious one whenever you’re away from home.
I do like the sound of your tattoo idea… please send us a picture of it so we can add to our gallery if you decide to do it!
Unlike partners and friends who may move in and out of your life, your child will always be with you in your entire life.
He carries a special part of you, and a special piece of art on your body can be a meaningful way of treasuring it. You can either choose for a simple or elaborate script of your child’s name, or you can incorporate simple scripts with other design ideas. If you have more than one child, you may want a scroll tattoo that displays all their names along with their dates of birth.
You may have provided them with all the stuff they want because you love them so much, yet all of them may not last.
The uniqueness of name tattoo designs and styles have something to do with their popularity among men and women.
Although a lot of people have similar names, but each name usually has a different significance to the person carrying the name. Adding a colored ink to the letters or symbosl can make your body art pieces more striking. It just needs you to spend some time to carefully choose for the best design that you will be proud of. For most moms, this is in addition to the stretch marks left on their belly after giving birth. For others, it could be an innovative way of having a permanent reminder of their baby’s birth date and place. Here’s the “chill pill” – tattoo artists provide some suggestions on the right area of the body to embed it. Our baby name tattoo ideas are endless, you’ll certainly find the best design that you’ll be happy with for years. For other moms, kids name tattoos are a great permanent reminder of their children’s birth in addition to stretch marks. Despite the opposing views about getting kids’ name and date of birth permanently inked, still one thing is common among parents -the belief of their lifetime bond with their children. Initials and date of birth are always present and then combined with baby-themed symbols and images such as images of a baby’s face, horoscope design, block train, angel wings, bear including images of hearts. For those who want to make sure what their designs would like, you can start with the fake ones or temporary tattoos. The location is a vital consideration because it matters so much in places where tattoos are not permitted. The baby’s name and birth date are often either inked in the middle, above or below the handprints.

But because their images tend to involve more details, it is important that you go to an expert tattoo artist to do this.
Floral designs are usually combined with star, butterfly and other elements to cover a large area of the skin and to enhance an image. Photo contributions are most welcome and we feature them with proper credits based on relevance. Name tattoos are usually combined with other symbols and images to convey artistry and symbolic meanings. Thus, having the name of their kids inked on their skin is among the best tattoo designs that every parent won’t ever end up with regrets.
Getting the name of your significant other tattooed on you is actually a risk to take and therefore, it is something that really needs to be seriously considered. If you’re planning to get the same piece of body art, take the time to browse through our gallery.
Modern generation parents must have found a creative way to remind them of that special day. Dads and moms usually choose a design based on the gender, name, birth month, birth place, zodiac sign and even on the things that best symbolizes their baby. If you’re wondering where you can best ink it, our tattoo location tips will help you choose the right place and of course, we’ll also give you some tattoo care tips.
You should keep pumping out articles like this and your blog will be at the very top before you know it! Although, this form of body art is fast entering into the mainstream, but there are certain places or certain types of jobs where tattoos seem unbecoming. Handprints tattoos are usually engraved on the shoulder blades, lower back, belly button, upper arms and ankle. Flower baby name tattoos are typically inked on the upper arm, shoulder blades, foot and lower back. Therefore, there will never be a time in your life when you need to remove your child’s name from your body. You can even conceptualize and create a custom design out of something special that best represents your little one’s character.
Some choose to include a symbol such as a butterfly, flower or heart to make it more beautiful and meaningful.
Women’s name tattoos can be creatively placed on the arm, back of the neck, lower, upper back, and on the foot.
The chest area, upper back and shoulder are some of the common spots for men’s name tattoos. The back, shoulder, lower back, wrist, leg and ankle are among the common locations of baby name tattoos.

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