David insisted that wife Victoria doesn't have a big say in his style decisions The former footballer was asked whether his designer wife Victoria Beckham has a big say in what he looks like.
During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the 39-year-old spoke about some of his experiments with style, including the Mohican he famously sported back in 2001. No, we are not talking about a traumatic experience such as young Dale suffered at the hands of Glenn. 11, 2016 Carissa's Piggy Bank We've managed to raise a lot of money for Carissa's Piggy Bank !

This morning we discussed Tattoo regrets and fortunantly for the show, so many of you have them. These are the sort of tattoos that have high removal and cover-up rates, the person in question soon regrets what they have done! When image loads, click or slide (for mobile users) to view next imageAwful Cat TattooWe don’t even know what this thing is! A tattoo of this magnitude can only be created on a drunken night using a homemade tattoo gun created with remote control car parts and miscellaneous items found in a couch in a trailer home.

If this was done by a pro he or she needs closing down!Bad Child PortraitAnother bad portrait design! Probably done on the cheap!NYY TattooWe can only assume that this New York Yankees logo has been done at home!

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