Tattoo artists and and body art lovers from around the nations sung the praises of the 19th annual Motor City Tattoo Expo at the Marriott in the GM Renaissance Center this weekend. There is a pretty cool revolution going on in the tattoo community, and it might actually make even more people want a tattoo. You might wonder where all the black lights are located in the world because I sure don’t see them all around town.
Nevertheless, I still think this new technique is quite awesome, and I am actually thinking about getting one that might have something personal attached to it.

All the tattoos I have are drawn by me, and if I ever used a template, I changed it completely so it wouldn’t be recognized. However, with this new technology and colors, you don’t ever have to worry about that. I mean, having a private tattoo is cool and all, but the ones that are not private you want people to notice.
It’s a kind of black light tattoo color that is pretty much invisible in ordinary light but lights up like a torch whenever there is a black light around.

By showing it off every time you’re around a black light, it might only get noticed about twice every ten years. Diana wrote an article all about it not too long ago, and I thought I’d show off some more tattoos using the same technique.

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