It may sound a bit weird, but it looks like MM93's arrival in the Repsol Honda team was about so many technical things and racing strategies that someone simply forgot about this detail. We're sharing this not only because we want to see Marc happy, but because we know one can never get enough pretty girls in nice outfits on a bike race track. Szohr has also modeled for Crate and Barrel, Mountain Dew, Sears, Quaker Oats, Jockey, JanSport and Seventeen magazine, where she received a full-page ad for Claire's Boutique. April 25, 2016Junk vehicles are the same as new vehicles in one respect: Some of them are worth more money than others.

While an umbrella girl has little to no impact at all on the race itself, the presence of a beautiful lady providing shade for Marquez is definitely a most welcome asset of his team. If there is anything better than bikes or riding a motorcycle, it's got to be beautiful girls and bikes together. Szohr (pronounced "Zoar") was discovered at age 17, when she began working as a Kohl's Department Store model. We're not sure why this is happening, but it looks like the phenomenon is spread all over the world, regardless of nationality, type of motorcycle and other similar aspects.

Out of all the characters in Gossip Girl, Jessica identifies with her character Vanessa the most.
Jessica enjoys watching Dirty Sexy Money, The Office, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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