I've seen many lovely salon-style galleries in this forum (so please chime in if you have one), but when I want to find them, cannot locate them in a search. TheFoxesPad, when you created yours in your reading room did you have a plan or a template? I have a large collection of similar style frames (they don't match, but coordinate), and I want to create a salon-style, collected-over-time gallery of family photos in an upstairs hallway.
Do you think I can accomplish this without a template, but rather by adding to it each week? I'd suggest laying them out on the floor, playing around with it till you like it (stand on a chair to look at it) . I think I like the style that does go wall to wall and have pretty uniform borders vs the ragged edges. I am planning to use black and white sketches and prints that are pretty much all in black frames.
If I am doing an arrangement where the overall shape is not static I will start hanging from the top corner picture and work my way across and work my way down to the bottom. Mtn, I have a strong visual preference toward symmetry, and I fear that if I plan and measure too much, symmetry will take over and I'll lose the collected look I'm going for.
For your display, I always find traditional wainscoting height is a natural breaking point in a wall--this may be just out of your 2-year-old's reach but still enjoyable by the 5-year-old, perhaps? I'm not going to try to line up the outer borders of my gallery--again, too much planning required. Oh, and for anyone hanging a bunch of pictures, you might try an adhesive putty to help them stay straight. Before hanging, I tear a section of each template away where the strip will attach the pic to the wall, but I leave major portions of the template in place to guide me on where to hang the pic. Posted here about my experience and got a lot of tips even including the finish of paint on my walls. I used to think that it was my ancient wonky walls but now the only thing that I can think of is that it's because of all of the Mexican Jumping beans that my children must eat as candy.
I will be checking out the Elmers Tack that McClarke posted and I like the picture ledge gallery very much. Do you think that if you used regular hangers pictures woudl stay above doors if they were accidently slammed once in awhile? I used to have my wall gallery in the downstairs hallway, again wall to wall, ceiling to floor.

The very first photo in the all white room made me think of dusting all those frames and adjusting them constantly. Nothing is more satisfying than hanging something in a frame and it ends up exactly in the place you intended.
Now that you are are inspired by these awesome gallery walls here are a few tips and ticks to make creating your gallery wall easier. Thank you for giving me the courage to put the three big posters with the heads of the animals in between with scones. Enter your email address to get DIY & craft inspiration, recipes, tips, tricks and tutorials sent right to your inbox! But I remember a Lynette Jennings show where she just started with an anchoring piece in the middle and built out her arrangement as she felt, placing each piece where it seemed to fit, no measuring and no marking, and it came out fine, but you have to have a good eye for balance and scale. I think I am going to leave the hallway empty of anything on the floor (furniture) so I am not sure how low (or high) to go on the walls. I lay out my pictures on the floor in a measured out space the same dimensions as the space that I want to hang.
I don't have enough hands when I'm standing on the ladder getting ready to hang to do that. Keeps the eye moving and keeps the over symmetrical shape of the whole arrangements a little less formal. I suspect you'll spend a few weeks walking the hall with the 2-year-old on your hip so they can see everything!
You just put one little gob behind one corner of the frame, press it to the wall, and voila. I use brown postal paper.Then I arrange my pics on the floor to get a basic idea of what would look good.
I press the frame in place per 3M's directions with a small level on top of the pic frame while at the same time aligning the frame with the template. It is a funky little hallway with lots of doors and not too much walls space to I was thinking it might be good to hang them over the doors too, kind of tie all the walls together.
I finally moved it because when I had gatherings of people nobody could get through the hallway. So happy to have found you via Pinterest, I was looking for some inspiration to decorate an empty wall in my room and this is exactly what I needed. We asked 3 top designers to share tips to help you create a professional art gallery wall — an eclectic mix of paintings, prints, photographs and other artwork — at home.

So, my plan is to start with 2 or 3 central anchor pieces on the wall (I can plan that much).
Then I hang my paper templates on the wall attaching each template with painter's tape on each corner. Of course they were ones at the top or mid level and they took out other frames on the way down.
So, I'm not of the school that you don't hang personal photos in public spaces or I'd never get to see mine.
I have been wanting to do this for a couple of years and DH is finishing up painting the walls now. My own wall can be viewed as we round the corner from a staircase, and so visually, I plan to hang from less than 1 foot from the ceiling, to about 2 feet from the floor. I figure so much of the wall space will be covered that if I have to move something over an inch or two, the original nail hole will likely be covered by another frame. If frames are thinner and one side is more visible than the others, I might put two strips on a less visible side, along with one on the top and one on the bottom--just don't shortchange your strips. We are the brains behind Classy Clutter, your one-stop-shop for all things creative from DIY projects and home decor to fun crafts and tasty recipes. Click to meet us! My kids will pass it daily, and it can be seen from the top of the stairs, and then from their homework area, so it's prime real estate to provide them family reminders. I also always place strips so that the picture hangs flat rather than tilted (top and bottom rather than just at the top) even if 3M suggests that only one strip is needed per the weight of the pic.
It is necessary however, that you sort of use a level on each template--you'll have another chance for leveling more precisely when you attach the pic to the wall.
Luckily it was wired in really, really well and it only dropped 5" or so instead of crashing to the floor. I recently shared with you my new gallery wall and I am happy to say that I still love it and not a single thing has changed.

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