The Great Wall of China, a memorable landmark, is the most popular tourist attraction in China.
Looking down at the Great Wall from the sky is truly amazing, the Wall resembles a Chinese dragon circling the mountains.
After the Qin emperor unified China, he connected the walls across the country into one, The Wall extended up to 10,000 Li (5000 km) and it helps keep out intruders from the north. If you want to add a flair touch to your room you can use wall stickers for easy interior design ideas and you will succeed.
You can choose from a whole range of wall decals the one that suit you, from wall stickers for children’s room to baroque floral motifs, portraits, art pieces inspired by different artists, designs inspired by nature, pop icons like the Beatles that will bring you the outdoor world in your home. The wall decals are also perfect for brightening up bathrooms and kitchens because they are waterproof.
The Wall has fascinated the minds of many in the world and it is part of the Seven Wonders of the World. What seems to be a Chinese zigzag dragon, the Great Wall of China spreads across deserts, rivers, mountains, grasslands and plateaus expanding nearly 6,700 kilometers.

The first tip in applying the wall stickers is to put the model on the wall to make sure that is in the right position.
A new type of wall stickers is the one that you can write on with the chock, just like a table, important notes, like mementos.
Their prices vary depending on their sizes and the complexity of design, but they don’t cost you so much like the stencil and paint. It has been built for over 2 millenniums and it stretches from the east side to the west side of China.
Take off the application film and smooth the self-adhesive wall stickers with a credit card. Now a respected artist, Josephine paints with a lively imagination and romanticism that escort her audience into a world of magical dimension.
People from all over the world visit China to see this exotic architecture because it is one of the most appealing attractions of China. Due to modern technologies and lack of usefulness, pieces of the structure are left in ruins and the Chinese leaders do not care to fix it.

The self adhesive is strong and can resist on your wall for a long time, but when you want it to take it off it will come away very easy. It has its share of fans including those who spread speculations about it being seen from the moon.
This marvelous segment of Chinese heritage swept through Shanhaiguan Pass, then to Liaoning, then Hebei, continuing onto Tianjin, expanding to Beijing, reaching Shanxi, and into Inner Mongolia, next to Ningxia, arriving at Gansu and finally ends in Jiayuguan Pass.
It’s an advantage for you because you don’t need to paint that area for several times like in the case of a painted stencil. The wall stickers are very useful in nurseries and children’s room because you that they always make up their mind and want another type of design on their wall.

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