Nowadays, fewer and fewer girls want to become Geishas now due to the rigorous and time-consuming training althiugh there are still geishas found at hotels and restaurants in Japan.
Among all the forms of tattoo arts that reflect the Japanese culture, Geisha tattoos are some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring.
Moreover, arm becomes a safe location preferred over chest or neck to get bold and crazy tattoos if you can’t show up your tattoo in formal environment. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Scripture Tattoos, Boondock Saints Tattoos, Cross Tattoos For Men, and Roman Numeral Tattoos. Why should have girls have all the fun, here’s his version of pretty tribal pattern in manly style. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Nevertheless, as a part of Japanese culture, geisha still appears in different types of artworks, incl. Geishas were intelligent women who were knowledgeable about the various facets of Japanese culture and history. If you have a chance to wander in the streets of Kyoto, you will be fascinated with the iconic beauty of Japanese traditions. A geisha is a professional entertainer who attend guests during meals, banquets, accompanied by traditional Japanese music. Geisha’s were professionally trained women, and their roles were to play music instruments, dance or sing to their male clients.
They were also known to excel in singing, dancing, playing music as well as other forms of artistic endeavors. Geisha tattoo symbolises beauty and mystery and is often done in bigger designs and worn in larger places like the full back, full arm and other places.Geisha tattoo is a rather unique design as Geishas are often misunderstood to be women of the night. This interesting design holds deep symbolic meaning for the person who gets this tattoo inked on the body.
Flexing muscles with an amazing large tattoo on it is one desirable style statement that guys die for. Designs can be so fabulous that even if you are just watching pictures of men arm tattoos with no particular motive, you enjoy to core. They also had a wealth of knowledge on Japanese history and culture, and so this provided them with something interesting to talk about with their customers.
However, the Geisha culture is much more than a mere prostitute; it represents the powerful attraction and seduction that a beautiful and intelligent woman can create. But their meanings can be deepened by blending them with a variety of different symbols from the Japanese culture. While, upper back arm is one of the most favorite tattoo locations among men, forearm pieces are equally popular. These women had the ability to create a relaxed environment for men while providing them with a constant source of entertainment. Dressed in a black wig and a vibrant kimono, these women really stood out in their elegance and powerful presence. An important fact about Geisha tattoo is that, this tattoo is mostly inked as a large sized tattoo because of the detailed work in the design.This tattoo is a beautiful design and its incredibly unique. What made people start having Geisha tattoos is the idea that these women represent the ideal woman. They also represented imagination, desires, dreams, aspirations, ambitions, uniqueness, sexuality, passions, femininity, fertility, intrigue, exoticness, grace and fantasy.
One thing that you have to remember about a Geisha tattoo is that it has many details in them making it necessary to go for a large sized one.Traditional geisha tattoo design is an expression of a perfect woman with a mysterious demeanor. Geisha are thought to be perfect in every aspect of life since they are sensual, beautiful, well dressed and even well mannered. Geisha tattoos are mostly worn by women, although they can sometimes be worn by men as well. The solid black lines and the lack of color show the creative genius within the artist and the canvas. The geisha tattoo below is a demonstration of that real feminine beauty and is well blended with beautiful flowers and other features.According to the Japanese culture, geisha was known as consort who could entertain men by exciting them and making them feel great.
The simplicity of this Geisha reveals the elegance that lies within the piece as a whole.This article will give you a bright vision about the history of Geisha tattoo, the possible variations of design and their meanings. Sometimes a geisha tattoo can be made more interesting by adding other symbols such as cherries and cherry blossoms. The beauty and style demonstrated in the geisha tattoo design is quite evident just like in the design below.
One may also prefer an unusual tattoo design which depicts the geisha as a skeleton or a zombie.
The geisha tattoo design looks stunning and the place its worn makes it to more appealing.The Geisha tattoo design below looks perfectly done with the colour combinations and the flowers incorporated in the design greatly enhancing the general outlook.
Geisha tattoos are very vibrant and colorful, that is why they look very attractive when inked.2.
Geisha tattoos are worn by both men and women and are taken to symbolize the specific elements demonstrated in the ancient geisha.Geishas are essentially beautiful women who are bred and trained in the art of entertaining men.

This was not necessarily restricted to pleasing them in bed, but being the perfect entertainer or companion, even if on a temporary basis.
Geishas were required to be well-groomed, elegant, adept at singing and dancing, well-versed in conversation and maintain the ability to be good listeners. The makeup, hair, and details within the small amount of clothing seen in this tattoo make you take a step back and look deeper into this tattoo and appreciate it.Geisha is actually a highly trained professional woman, whose job is to entertain men by singing, dancing and distinctly polite speech and behaviour. The brown and black colour looks stunning with the great features like the umbrella and the costumes.Geishas were indeed an epitome of beauty and elegance.
Her beauty and entertainment skills were so divine that she was kept hidden from the society and was unattainable by everyone.
The geisha tattoo below exemplifies the outstanding beauty of the geishas looking at the wonderful combination of colours and the stylish outfit. The tattoo blends quite well with the flowers with the hair perfectly done.A geisha had to project an air of mystery and allure which made men want to be with them. Usually petite women, wearing a white mask and having jet black hair – a Geisha would always be dressed in vivid colors.
The Japanese traditional tattoo was perfectly executed on a great spot on this woman’s body. The line work within the hair and clothes of this Geisha give it a solid flow that brings the piece to life.
Their life goal was to ensure that the men who visit them have a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere, where food, wine, music, conversation and dance flowed as per the mood.
The flowers underneath are another depiction of the beauty within the geisha and the tattoo in general.The Geisha is believed to have a deep association with red colour, which is the symbol of fertility. The Geishas would even provide interesting insights into politics and history during the course of their conversation with the visitors. Sie Neue Beitrage Tattoo Ideen Manner Massimo Warum Manner gehen fur Tattoo Oberarm Drucken Sie sich mit Tattoos Der Unterarm coolste Tattoo Vorlagen Manner Tattoos Motive, Tattoos, Tribal Tattoos.
Wahlen Sie die Tattoo-Design war noch nie einfacher Angel Tattoos Chinese Tattoos Cartoon Tattoos Abstract Tattoos Search for: Random Post Blumen Tattoos Es hat eine starke Bindung mit dem Hinduismus und Tattoo Studio Bitte werfen Sie einen Blick durch die Bilder von Tattoomotive Haben Sie bemerkt, dass es scheint, dass jeder zweite Celtic Tattoos Celtic Tattoos Sie sind sehr beliebt unter den Massen.
Most women who choose to wear geisha tattoo often love identifying with geisha qualities like perseverance, attractiveness, beauty, wisdom and more.Though most geisha tattoo designs are inked with the usual Japanese attires, the geisha tattoo design below looks quite complex with a combination of various elements and features. The various colours used on the tattoo design below makes the entire tattoo look classy and stunning. From the lighter shades within the woman’s clothes to the darker versions of it in the umbrella, purple is everywhere and its amazing. The geisha feature is surrounded with an array of beautiful flowers and butterflies.Some geisha tattoo designs are inked alongside other features like cherry blossom tree. Purple is a color that represents royalty, so this tattoo is filled with royal implications.Variation in DesignThe vibrant colorful Geisha tattoos are very eye-catching.
The geisha in the tattoo design below looks pretty cool with that outfit flowing to the feet. One of the popular design is the blend of Geisha with the Japanese samurai, where you can see a samurai protecting the Geisha. Geisha tattoos often represent complete femininity, softness, beauty, wisdom and core of subtle strength.
The Geishas were renowned for their role in tea ceremonies as well as taking part in other cultural functions.
Many tattoo designs portray the Geisha with cherry blossoms and cherries as a symbol of fertility. A Geisha would usually don the color red as it is supposed to be the color of attraction and fertility.
Their seems to be a sad story being portrayed in this tattoo as the woman is crying and either releasing a firefly or catching one.
The geisha tattoo below is an ideal expression of beauty with the lady in the tattoo looking quite composed in her beauty. This clever, and well structured tattoo invokes emotion in the one looking at it.In some designs, you can see the Geisha with fans and umbrellas symbolizing nobility. The incorporation of the big flowers makes the whole geisha tattoo look perfect.Geisha tattoos are also fancied by men especially those that love women with mysterious qualities and abilities like the geishas. The back where it’s worn is wide enough making every bit of the design clearly visible. People of Asian cultures symbolize their cultural beliefs whereas Western culture people symbolize divine beauty. Men who wear geisha tattoo are often perceived to be having the tattoos as a symbol of their ideal woman.In paintings and art the Geisha would be represented immaculately turned out in terms of dress and coiffure and show along with trees and nature.
The design below entails an elaborate hair style of a simple nice girl with the face shown as hiding some deep issues of the heart.
The ribbons in the hands of the Geisha show that the woman is putting on some sort of performance.
The detail within the dress of the Geisha is pretty spectacular as well.The Geisha tattoos are mostly large sized tattoo so that they can capture the beautiful details of the art work. As a signature mark with most geisha tattoos, the hair is perfectly done with the incorporation of flowers and the tree making it look quite fascinating.Geisha tattoos come in different sizes and styles and there are quite a number that the tattoo lovers can choose from.

This is the reason why all men and women choose the Geisha tattoos to be inked on their back, shoulders or arms.7) The detail in the hair of this tattoo is the best part of the tattoo. Men would like a geisha tattoo because it represents what they want and women would want a geisha tattoo to try and inculcate some of the unique qualities that a geisha is supposed to have.
If you are looking to get a geisha tattoo you need to find an artist who can do justice to this design. But to capture the immense beauty and grace of a geisha the tattooist has to be good at detail work.A geisha normally undergoes a lot of training to perfect their art with some of the training including acquiring skills like poetry, traditional music and dance. The below geisha tattoo design looks simple when compared to other sophisticated designs with many additional features.
I enjoy seeing diversity within the Japanese style.15) The line work in this tattoo is really solid and defined. The geisha tattoo below looks great with the exquisite colours and patterns with the wings design making it look a bit unique.The geisha tattoo design below is simple and elegant without much sophistication. The geisha tattoo design below depicts a modern day girl with a seductive face and enhanced lip well enhanced to allure men.You have many choices when it comes to Geisha tattoos.
They can be portrayed in many scenes along with other things that are symbolic of Japanese culture. You can show the Geisha amidst the accoutrements of the tea ceremony or as part of the cherry blossom festival. Or you can have a geisha along with  Samurai warrior or with some profound saying the Japanese script. The dragon gives you feeling that you could run along its back and the geisha inputs and feminine and elegant sense to the rest of the tattoo. Often Samurai are shown as protecting the Geisha which can be used as a theme for your tattoo design to depict beauty and protection.Some of the features that are used alongside geisha tattoo include the koi fish, cherry blossom, umbrellas, dragons and animals. This ink look likes it was done in a very traditional style.22) How does this tattoo make you feel? Some tattoo lovers make their geisha tattoo designs more complex by incorporating features like zombie, ghosts and many more. The geisha tattoo design below looks quite complex with different features used to bring out the ideal geisha tattoo.The way the colours have been used on the geisha tattoo design below makes it look so beautiful. Using one colour for each feature makes every feature on the tattoo to be visually enhanced and dominant. The use of black, red and green creates such a perfect blend making the whole tattoo to look quite classy.Since only the nobility were associated with Geishas these tattoos represent beauty, elegance, mystery, sensuality, the exotic, grace and many other attractive qualities. The traditional geisha tattoo below looks stunning with the enhanced eyebrows and well styled hair with pins. The colour of the costumes combines well with the features used in the traditional geisha tattoo design.The geisha tattoo below is a perfect expression of a learned, elegant geisha with great skills to entertain and influence men.
The blue background give the woman a whole other level of beauty and helps her to stand out even more.24) This Geisha seems to be eating a flower.
The hair style and the facial expression is all seduction with the eyes fully focused on her ideal man.
This looks like its a traditional Japanese style painting beautifully etched into the skin.25) This is a very dark yet beautiful tattoo. The sophistication and the features that the geisha tattoos consists of clearly explains the character and meaning of the tattoo designs. The geisha tattoo looks beautiful and use of one colour makes the tattoo look dominant and blends quite well with the complexion of the wearer.This traditional geisha tattoo design is quite unique and small compared to the other designs of geisha tattoo. The black colour used with the small flower designs makes the tattoo design quite appealing and elegant.The tattoo design below is quite versatile with a combination of many features and colours that blends quite well.
The traditional geisha tattoo below looks great when worn by a man given the complexity of the design with the geisha feature looking quite appealing with the beautiful costume and the well-styled hair.The traditional geisha tattoo below demonstrates the alluring and seductive look with which the geishas seduced men with her mesmerizing.
Please do share your tattoo experience with us so that it can reach to many others with value addition. The geisha tattoo design looks beautiful with the entire body covered with beautiful artistic work. The black and red hues that’s used all the geisha tattoo design creates such a magnificent look.
The hair style looks quite stylish with the costume blending so well with the body complexion.The geisha tattoo design below looks quite elegant with the flowing costume and the floral hair design. The design fits perfectly well on the back of the body with the facial make-ups and the jewellery blending perfectly well.
The dance moves makes the whole design look stunning.Geisha tattoo designs with Japanese attire and makeup looks great especially when inked by an expert tattoo designer. The Japanese geisha tattoo design below looks cool on the ladies back and the wearer clearly identifies with the meaning of the tattoo. ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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