If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Pictures of Short Hairstyles, Black Girl Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles For Round Faces and Short Natural Hairstyles For Black Women. This young man has a superbly designed tiny ivy leaf tattooed on his face that looks very stylish. Symmetrical geometrical shapes tattooed on the face give this young man a very trendy and fashionable look.
A circle around the eye matches the delicacy of the arm tattoo that this lovely young woman is sporting. The shape of the jaw and uneven teeth tattooed on this man’s jaw looks weirdly artistic along with the faces on his neck. Leopard spots on the forehead like this woman has are a great way to wear a tattoo on the face. Bright and colorful butterflies are a superb theme that this man is wearing as a face tattoo. A web like design looks great on this man’s face tattoo especially as it is designed in such bold tribal geometric shapes.
The bright red star on the forehead highlights the smart-looking undercut that this man has. A leaping tiger designed in its natural colors is a great realistic looking face tattoo that’s worth copying.

This young man has highlighted his undercut with nice tribal style geometric shapes tattooed on his forehead. The hip hop and jazzy ensemble this woman is wearing is just perfect with the tattoos on the side of each eye.
Just the initial S tattooed on this man’s face must have a lot of meaning for him despite its simplicity.
A tiny heart tattooed below an eye can be a very striking and attractive face tattoo despite its size.
This young man is very proud of his simple yet very trendy looking face tattoo of dots and curves. A face tattoo in colored abstract art is just what suits this young woman and her modern ensemble. Twin patterns circling each eye are a great way to have an ethnic yet trend setting face tattoo. Parallel lines of artistic designs make this man’s face tattoo a piece of art worth imitating. The “Om” shape designed on the forehead looks oddly nice with the architectural art of this superb face tattoo. The bold leaf tattooed on the energy point in the center of the forehead looks great as a face tattoo.

This is a very striking and attention grabbing face tattoo in bold and symmetric tribal art. Simple stars tattooed on the face provide a balance for the intricate body art of this young man.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Simple tiny designs or bold and dark lines, bright colors or subdued ones, tattoos enhance the looks.
When you are looking for a face tattoo for the first time, a small bright one will do the trick. If you would prefer a more hip hop look a bright splash of colored designs accompanied by face piercing is the most perfect idea. When you are looking for a more ornate and prominent style fine lines across the face work wonders.
The tattoos in this collection look superb with ethnic outfits, jeans and tees and with jazzy ensembles too.

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