Professional Glitter Tattoo Kit - A great way to earn an income at parties, fetes, fairs, markets amd more ! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Glitter tattoo kits are the best gifts if you are planning to buy a gift for a young girl or a little girl.
The procedure is very easy and printed on every glitter tattoo kits. Just stick a stencil to skin with the help of adhesive.
If you are not happy with the designs from the kit take help from internet to choose design and make tattoo yourself.

But as this is temporary and you can wear it very easily and these are available on reasonable price. Now apply different colors of glitter powders on it with the help of brush and use tweezers to decorate it properly. You can reuse the stencils with care 2 - 5 times and the temporary glitter tattoo's are waterproof.
This is a kit include glitters in many colors, brushes, stencils, adhesives, tweezers and powders.
They last 2 - 5 days and can easily be removed with olive oil, lavender oil  or similar.

And yes you can remove it any time with the help of cleanser which is also available in same kit and this is not going to leave any kind of mark on your skin.
But still you should choose the best quality of glitter tattoo kits to avoid any skin problem.

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