Ten przedmiot bedzie widoczny dla ciebie, administratorow oraz kazdego oznaczonego jako tworca. Quick guide detailing what the Arms Deal Contract is, how to use it, and what items can currently be exchanged.
As of September 19th, the Arms Deal Collection Contract has been changed to the Trade Up Contract. Find the contract in your inventory, right click on it, and click open contract.A list of eligible items will be displayed.
IP Gardol, I can't quote your comment, but if you see this, then I think that your AK-47 Case Hardened Fac New would have to be in the same weapons group as the glocks. Zapoznaj sie ze strona z instrukcjami, aby dowiedziec sie, czemu ten przedmiot nie bedzie mogl zostac dodany do Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

There also seems to be some confusion about, Stattrak weapons, knives, and the difference between quality and exterior which I'll try to clear up. You'll find it in your inventory when you start the game.This contract allows you to trade in 10 weapons of identical quality from the Arms Deal Collection (Case Series #1), and exchange them for 1 Arms Deal weapon of the next highest quality. So you can get a Battle-scarred that worth nothing by using 10 weapons that worth more all together ?Really ?
Wszystkie znaki handlowe sa wlasnoscia ich prawnych wlascicieli w Stanach Zjednoczonych i innych krajach. Jezeli uwazasz, ze twoj przedmiot zostal zablokowany przypadkowo, skontaktuj sie z pomoca techniczna Steam. Weapons from the eSports 2013 case and any weapons that come from random drops currently cannot be exchanged.Please note the difference between Quality and Exterior.

Also, at the moment, it doesn't appear possible to recieve a Stattrak weapon from exchanging any weapons. From lowest quality to highest quality: White - Consumer grade Light blue - Industrial grade Dark blue - Mil-spec Purple - Restricted Pink - Classified Red - Covert Exceedingly Rare ?Exterior is the condition of the paint job.
The exterior of the gun doesn't matter when using contracts, and the weapon you get in exchange will have a random exterior.

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