I don't know if its original or not yet, but the old truck looks good in the pictures I saw. Don't know,the 77 I bought new was such a worthless POS I never was fool enough to buy another Chevy after that. Yep good old trucks, heres mine, 1984 chevy k20, 4x4 4 speed and sb 400cid engine, I replaced the 350 with it. DJ HCET, I've NEVER heard of a 6.2 crapping out it's head gaskets on a regular basis!Methinks you must have had a '78 or '79 5.7 diesel!Or, tell us the REST of the story!
GM had a $10 kit to fix the head gasket failures on all the 1982s and the early 1983 6.2 diesels. Automotive studies in the UK have shown that literally millions of car owners are failing to routinely perform regular maintenance checks on their cars. This is a poor reflection on just how important motorists feel these service checks really are.
This lack of care can easily result in poor engine, tyre and braking performance and can even cause dangerous accidents with other cars, pedestrians or property. But improper car care can lead to very expensive repairs and servicing work in the long run.

To help rectify this now common problem of automotive neglect, motorists across the board simply need to become much more conscientious of just how valuable these maintenance procedures really area. It is a heavy half which has been rebuilt with over load springs etc to haul a bit more and it does well. They could be risking serious danger and damage to themselves and their vehicles, according to the studies.
The most common procedures people are failing to perform include checking adequate tyre depth, watching the levels of all their engine fluids, including the oil, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, and screen washer fluid, as well as not bothering to adequately rotate their tyres, align their wheels, or even perform regular oil and filter changes. When one considers that these basic maintenance checks take such little time and are so inexpensive, it really makes automotive experts wonder just what is going on in the minds of these neglectful car owners. Others agree that many motorists just don’t have the inclination to perform these basic checks, and that they get lazy about looking after their car. Not checking the cleanliness and level of the motor oil can definitely lead to costly engine damage.
It needs to be instilled in them that overlooking these issues is not all all good for their vehicles nor for the safety of all other motorists on the road in the UK. Only time I had it stuck was when I high centered on a snow drift.Never had a bumper hitch trailer on it because I had a flip up gooseneck ball in it.

It has 3:07s in it so it is a bit on the tall side when it comes to pulling but I get 17 mpg when tuned up. Whatever the reasons, this aspect of automotive neglect can make motorists’ cars run ineffectively and even dangerously. I think it does have a alumimn transfer case New Process Gear or something, Maybe Dana Gear, I cant remember. Also new head-bolts and new torque specs.This was for all the engines with red blocks and course injector threads. Parked the truck with the intentions of rebuilding the engine and putting it back on the road.
Before I got started on it A buddy of mine stopped by with enough cash to persuede me to sell.

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